Private Blog

A friend of mine is making her blog private, and it's
so funny b/c I was JUST thinking about this last
night. I've been keeping track of how many blog hits
I get and I've noticed it is WAY more than I ever
thought. In a way it makes me feel good but I am also
worried that "strange" people are reading about my girls.
Joe has people come up to him at work and say,
"oh you're doing this & this tomorrow" LOL Sometimes I
don't think and I post too much about my family.

Soooooo..............I will be making this blog private soon.
I will have a specific blog created JUST for photography, and
this one will be only for my friends & family that I know
and I've met in person. I have no problem inviting my loyal
bloggers who I don't know well, but comment quite often &
we've become closer while blogging (you know who you are).

I also don't have issues with letting people read about my
recent photography sessions....but the WWW is too big, not to
protect my little ones :)

Please email or post a comment with your email address
so that I can invite to you view my blog once it's private.

My email address is: lrobinson@rtccom.com


P.S. My new photography blog will be linked to my website:


Jamie said...


Audrey said...

I have been meaning to do the same thing!

A Preemie Momma said...

Thanks Leah...

Anonymous said...


Abbie Lynn said...

I love reading about your sweet little family:)!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Leah,
Could I be added to your list...my eamil is mandmsmith@sbcglobal.net. Hope your having a great day!
Marilyn Smith

Bethany said...

Hi Leah! May I please be added to your blog list. I absolutely love looking at your blog - you give me lots of photo ideas, and I love you Bible study recaps! My email is bethany.yake@yahoo.com (I think you have my email). Thanks!

Abby said...

Leah, I posted on brittany's last night too, saying I have been meaning to do this, but just haven't made the step yet... the email is abkn1@yahoo.com... i'll probably be following behind with ya...

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Hey... you know my email right? :) Please add me, I love checking up on your girls!a

Brittany said...

babean06@yahoo.com (that is a zero)
I love reading your blog.

Megan said...


I love reading about your family


Sonya said...

Hey, I love reading about your family. Could you add me to your list? srraber@live.com

Armes Family said...


Jamie said...


Brenda said...


Amy S said...

Hey you- that I cant wait to meet!! We were at candle light the other night (me Kelly and my husband) and she asked if I seen ya ? I said I dont know how she looks!!! :) haha wont be long till I met you! Id love to stay in touch with your blog! I need to do that too!!! Scary out there! My husband has said that for awhile now ~! take care !! ly AMY

Anonymous said...

AMy Graber

Sonya said...

Hey, I can't figure out how to check the hits you get. How do you do that? I'm not that great with computers. Ha!

Greta said...

Great idea...I may follow your lead on this one. andyren@rtccom.net Thanks!

Ashley said...

I have heard of this...don't know how to do it though. Good idea. I know what you mean...I was surprised to know how many people read blogs. My e-mail is an41@evansville.edu. Thanks!

Kayla said...


Jennifer said...

I agree with Greta, when I set my blog up I didn't know you could do that.

Shannon said...

would love to keep reading your blog... cscrane99@yahoo.com

Chelsa said...


thanks :)