Moms With Cameras Workshop

I’m often asked questions by other moms about their DSLR cameras and how to use them. While I would love to answer each question they ask, I simply don’t have the time during my normal work day. So I thought I’d schedule and host a workshop for moms that have that nice DSLR camera and leave it on Auto (YIKES) or the Mom who wants that nice camera to get those precious shots of your kids!

Chances are you bought your DSLR camera thinking it would dramatically improve your images just because it cost a pretty penny. You probably got frustrated reading the manual and just resorted to using the automatic setting, right?

Well, this workshop is for you! It’s time to get yourself relaxed with that big clunk of metal and take the photos you have always wanted of your babies and children. Get your money’s worth from spending so much on that camera and use it to its full potential! Those gorgeous straight out of camera shots are right at your finger tips, I promise!!

There are only 10 attendee spots available to get together and help you nail those perfect shots with your own children. I will teach you how to use your camera on other settings besides Auto! We will go over Manual and Aperture Priority settings, composition, focal points, shutter speed, and what to look for in order to nail that picture right from your camera (no editing needed) and make it an art piece.

When: 2-day workshop, Friday, July 13th 6-8:30pm & Saturday, July 14th 9am -1pm

Where: TBA - Montgomery/Washington Area

What: Moms with Cameras workshop

How much: $175 - includes workshop, lunch, snacks, info packet for you to take home of all my secrets on where I purchase my items

Payment: Full Payment is due at the booking your spot! First come first served, only 10 spots available!  I accept major credit cards via paypal or over the phone.  Cash or money orders in person and local checks (must be cleared by bank).

What you will learn:

*How to properly use your camera in a manual setting.

* Aperture (f-stop), shutter speed, ISO, and how they all work together

*What equipment will work best for your DSLR camera

*Why light affects your images

*How to photograph indoors

*Tips and tricks during shooting such as composition

*What location spots will work best

*Hands on experience during a real photo shoot with Leah and a child model

 *Critique of your images and a detailed discussion about how to improve them

Things you will NOT learn:

This is not a business workshop. We will not be discussing how to start a business.

We won’t go over advanced editing techniques with Photoshop.

It is important to get it right in the camera first. We will not discuss flash, strobe, or backdrop setups.

It is not overwhelming. There is SO much info out there, and many workshops cover 100 different things to learn in half a day’s time. By first learning the basics, you can then move on to more advanced techniques.

What you need: A DSLR camera (camera that can change lenses, but it doesn’t matter if it is a Canon or Nikon)

What you will take home:
• Mini book with 3 basic steps to keep in your camera bag
• New friendships with other local photography enthusiasts
• Open email policy if you have questions after the workshop
• Invitation to facebook forum with past workshop attendee’s

Grab your girlfriends, and don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Take this time and make it about you. Get ready for an empowering day and to blow your family members away with the pictures you will take!! Please email me at leah@leahrobinsonphoto.com for more info and to sign up.


Simply Beautiful

As photographers, we long for those photos that as soon as you click the shutter button....you know you got the shot! This was it for me during this session. One of my favorite photos I've ever taken! Simply beautiful!  I got to capture mom with her daughters towards the end of our session, just having fun....you can just hear the giggles can't you??