2 weeks already =(

Tell me it isn't so, my baby is 2 weeks already =( Goodness where
does the time go??? I seriously couldn't speed time up enough
while preggo, and now the days fly by like crazy!! I just want to
stop time and keep my babies young!!

It's been two weeks, and our lives have changed so much. I
am constantly feeling like I'm forgetting "something" now
that I have 3 kiddos. I'm hoping I don't forget a kiddo somewhere!
I'm slowly (with the help of my wonderful mom) getting to where
I can be a mom and pick up Hunter and Alli Jo from school. It is
not easy getting Stella fed in time to make it to the schools in time!
But I'll get the hang of it soon enough and it will come like 2nd
nature I'm sure.

The girls are still doing WONDERFUL with Stella. I hate to keep
bragging, but it's seriously wonderful! Alli Jo has only shown
jealousy only once during a time a guest was visiting...I can't
blame her for wanting attention.
I still haven't got Stella on a schedule yet....she's a lot harder to
figure out than my older two. Since I'm nursing her, she's eating
every two-three hours. I don't think I ever get into a deep sleep,
but it's ok...she is sooo worth it!
Stella had her 2 week check up on Wednesday and here are
her stats:
Height -19.5 in
Weight - 7.1lbs
Head Circumference - 34 1/4cm
Dr. says she's doing great! The only issue I wanted to
talk to the dr. about was a possible intolerance to milk;
cow's milk that I'm drinking. She seems to get colic-like
symptoms when I drink it. Dr. says it could be an allergy
to cow's milk and just try to cut it out of my diet while
nursing. She said that sometimes formula can have the
cow's milk as well...so try to breast feed as long as I can.

Here are pictures of Miss thing at 1 week and 2 weeks....

I can really tell that she's grown =(

And here are pictures from days 5-14 showing the first
two weeks of her life =)


Dear Stella,

Goodness, where do I even begin? You have come into our
family and fit perfectly into our lives. I will never forget
the day you were born. You were so tiny and had such a
tiny cry (squeal Daddy calls it) that you made us smile.
Your sisters couldn’t get into the hospital room fast
enough to meet you! The smiles on their face showed it all.
The doctor laid you on my chest and I thought you looked
a little like both of your sisters and your daddy. You
are small and petite like Hunter was; you have your sister
Alli’s lips; and your daddy’s nose. Not sure if you will
look like mommy at all, but that’s ok =)

Each day you and I have bonded so much. You know
when I walk into the room...maybe it’s because I’m
your bottle, ha ha! You love to lay on my chest and
squeeze my finger while you’re nursing. I even catch
you curling your tiny little toes when you’re eating.
Speaking of toes...I love how your 2nd toe is just as
big as your big toe...just like your daddy’s.

You love to lift your head to try to find your sisters.
They are often loud, and you love it! If it’s quite
in the house, then you wonder why!
Your biggest sister Hunter loves you hold you when
she gets home from school. She is very good at checking
on you to make sure you’re ok. Alli Jo read to you
the other day and you just stared at her in awe.
You love hearing their voices.
It has been 10 days, but some of the happiest 10 days
we’ve ever had. We thank our heavenly Father for you,
our little miracle baby. Mommy didn’t think I’d ever be
able to have a baby again, and then God gave us you.
"I prayed for this child, and the lord has granted me
what I asked of him." 1 Samuel 1:27

Love you for eternity,

Your mommy


Another reason I'm blessed.....

Before I had Stella I was really worried that
there would be jealousy from the older girls,
which is just a natural feeling. So far it has
been exact opposite. It's like both girls totally
"get it" that mommy has to give Stella extra
attention. I felt so bad today that I couldn't
help Alli Jo like I wanted to, I caught myself
saying "in a minute", "I have to feed Stella",
"maybe in a little bit", etc. I felt horrible but
I couldn't be two places at once. Instead of
Alli Jo getting mad, she came in and handed
me something.....it was a pretzel shaped in a
heart and she said,
"this heart is for you mommy".
It was the sweetest thing ever!

Days 3 & 4

I'm a little behind, but I'm trying to take pictures of
Miss Stella at least the first 14 days of her life =)
There are some pictures below!
The days have gone by so fast, but we're loving every
minute of it! Stella fits into our family so perfect! God
could not have given us a better little baby!! The girls
are so in-love with her it just melts my heart! Every
morning Hunter and Alli Jo wake up and ask to hold her
or give her kisses =) It's too cute!
Daddy hasn't got to hold her much, b/c mommy keeps
hogging her! lol He finally grabbed her and told me,
"She's just fine!" ha ha I can't help it though, when I'm
not next to her, I feel like something is missing. She is
such a little miracle!! Our Father is wonderful!


Welcome Stella Alyse

Well she is here….Praise the Lord!! I am beyond blessed!
Everything went extraordinarily well! We are pleased to
announce that
is here!!!!!!
Her middle name is pronounced (uh-lease).
I was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday, January 13th.
I could hardly sleep on Tuesday night; I think I finally fell
asleep about 2am. The girls were so excited that night, they
both slept with mommy and daddy had to sleep on the couch.
It was the last night it would just be us three girls and it was
so fun. We laughed and giggled all evening =) We all guessed
what we thought Stella would look like. Of course both the girls
said they thought she would look like them, ha ha! I said I bet
she would look like both of them!

We went to admitting at about 6:30amWed. to check in to the
hospital. I had bought the girls shirts that say “I’m the biggest
sister, Hunter” and “I’m the big sister, Alli Jo” as well as a lil
night gown for Stella that says, “I’m the little sister, Stella”.
They were too darn cute! So of course they wore them to the
hospital. We checked in and they came and got me with a
wheelchair. They took me to room 265 and got me settled in
to my beautiful gown haha! My nurse was Stacy and she took
my vitals and got me set up with an IV. Since I was being
induced they already had a PITOCIN bag ready for me. She
also took my blood sugar because of the Gest. Diabetes. We
waited for Doc to get there to break my water. He arrived
about 8am. He broke my water and then they started my
pitocin. It wasn’t but minutes and the hard contractions began.
Of course I asked if I could get an epidural right away. I was
already at 4cm going in to the hospital. The anesthesiologist
was already in a procedure so the nurse said it would be within
the hour. Well one hour came and went and still no “happy
juice” LOL They ended up calling the other anesthesiologist
in so that I could get my epi. So for about an hour and ½ I
had the hard contractions. And they were STRONG, ugh!
My nurse gave me some pain meds to take the edge off, but
it made me a little loopy, sort of like I just didn’t care I was
in so much pain LOL Then finally about 9:30 or so I got my
epi and was in a much better mood =)

I was progressing very fast. We kept joking that Stella might
beat her big sister’s birth time of 11:31am. Doc had
called over at 11:10am, and the nurse checked me….and of
course I was 10cm and ready to go LOL. So my mom peeked
out the window and here came doc running over to the hospital.
I was a good pusher with Alli Jo, so we didn’t want to take any
chances of pushing before he got there. I was starting to feel tons
of pressure so it was very difficult NOT to push. It seemed like
only seconds and doc was there. He had me push once to see
how well I could. He told me that two more pushes and we’d
have a baby!!! Sure enough…two pushes and out Stella came
at 11:30am!!!!!! One minute before her sister 3 years ago haha!
I jokingly said they are competitive already!

They laid her on my stomach and she was soooo tiny! I could
tell she was MUCH smaller than Alli Jo (8lbs 6oz). She cried
the cutest little cry right away!! I could tell she looked a lot
like her big sisters!! Her big sisters came in and got to hold
her for the first time. It was truly the happiest moment of my
life to see all three girls and my awesome husband holding my
all together! The girls could not stop smiling, it was precious.
They cleaned her up and took her to the nursery to do all her
vitals and give her a bath. The nurse came back to tell me she
weighed 6lbs 12oz!! She was tiny =) Her Apgar scores
were great, I think 8 and 10!

We got several visitors the rest of the day. It was a little
overwhelming, but very kind of people to think of us. Stella
continued to do well all day! All her test came back great!
She had to have her blood sugar taken 3 times to make sure
it wasn’t too bad b/c mommy’s diabetes. They took mine as
well later and it was good, 85 I think. So doc told me I did
not have to take the insulin anymore, PRAISE THE LORD!!
And that most likely it will not return, but I have to see the
Endocrinologist in 6 weeks just to make sure!

The next day went just a great. We had our little couple’s
dinner that the hospital provides for mom and dad. And
after that doc came to check on me. The only problem I
was having was my headache. He said he would give me
some meds that would help with that. He said whenever I
was ready we could go home!! I had not been able to
sleep well at the hospital, so I wanted to go home as soon
as possible. So they discharged both Stella and I and we
went home! We stopped by the pharmacy to pick up my
pain meds on the way home. I had a prescription for my
cramping and for my headache.

And that pretty much sums up the first couple days of our
angels life. We are beyond blessed and so happy to have
her home and part of our family!!!


3 days

Well the true count down has begun.....now that we know I
will be induced Wednesday!! So unless Stella decides that
she wants to pick her bday, January 13th is the day =)
I was really excited for doc to give me an induction date,
b/c it makes me feel a little more prepared. I can now plan
for the g-parents to keep an eye on the girls while Joe and I
get settled into the hospital. Just thinking about checking in
and getting all "hooked up" makes me nervous. I know I am
not as nervous thinking about it as I am when I'm actually
there! The final moments just knowing there's NO turning
back LOL

So many changes are about to happen, and I hope and pray
that I can still be the mother my girls need. I pray that I
can give my attention equally to all 3 of my children. I know
it's done with more children, but I pray with God guiding me
my girls will ALWAYS feel loved! As well as Joe =)
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As most of you know we got a few inches of snow the other
day. Joe took the girls out to play in it, while I sat on a lawn
chair in the garage with my zoom lens and snapped away LOL

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