What a year --2009

2009 has brought our family so many great memories! Here
are just a few of those shared in pictures:
Threw a baby shower for my bestie Kayla
Little cousins showing some love
Hunter in her 4th dance recital

The birth of Braxton Michael Neidigh
Alli Jo had her tonsils and adenoids removed

Hunter in softball

Our Family
Some BIG news

Alli Jo's Birthday

Hunter's Birthday

My growing girls

My growing baby
Alli's first year of preschool
Found out it's a girl
Our new ride
Growing baby


Sonya said...

You have the sweetest family!! Beautiful girls:) I'm glad you had a good year. Hope this one will be wonderful too.
I had forgot about letting you look through the clothes I have left from Mya and Hailey. If you still need some for miss Stella let me know and I will let you look through my boxes. Sorry:(

Chelsa said...

great recap!!!

i can't believe you're going to be having stella THIS WEEK!!