Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Well one of my favorite days of the entire year came....
the day we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus.....

This year I felt like I wasn't ready at all, b/c I really
didn't get to shop for presents like I usually do. But
I finally just told myself to remember the true reason
behind this season and everything was going to be ok!
Here are a few pictures from Christmas time......

Baby and I are still resting as much as possible. I continue
to have contractions several times a day! This week I didn't get
checked by doc b/c he wasn't there and I saw the other on-call
doc. I did do my first NST of the week.....it was LONG! We
couldn't get a good steady heartbeat on the monitor so the nurse
had to just hold it on my belly....and press so that we could get
a reading. We concluded she must be really low and far away
from the surface of my belly =) Little sinker!
Last week on Christmas Eve, I did my NST at the hospital.
It was like I was admitted, b/c I had to answer tons of questions.
Gave me a dose of what it's going to be like again when she's on
her way!
Anyway....all is looking good. Bags are packed and we're just
waiting on our Angel to be healthy and ready to meet us!


Went Private

Sorry for going private with no warning!
I've had some women getting into my business
that really should have no business. I have been
betrayed and taken advantage of, and it's sad that
it's happened right before I give birth. I won't get
into too much detail, but I figured I am only going to
let those who I trust ready my personal info now. And
if I didn't have their email to invite them, then they
would know how to reach me =)
“Do not go about spreading slander among your people.
Do not do anything that endangers your neighbor’s life.
I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:16


Getting closer....

At my dr. appt Monday, doc checked me and I am now
3cm dilated and 70% effaced! I started to lose my mucus plug
already (gross I know). So seems as though my body is
getting ready for her! It's just a matter of time now =)
With Hunter I went into labor the day after I lost my
mucus plug. I don't remember losing it with Alli Jo plus I was
induced with her. It has been 9 years since I went into labor
on my own, so it's hard to remember all the details.
Doc said he will not induce me until 39 weeks. I will be 36
tomorrow. He doesn't think I will make it to the 39 weeks though.
I just hopeand pray that Stella's lungs and body are ready
when she decides to make her entrance into this world!
Besides the many contractions I have throughout the day, I feel
a ton of pressure low...like she has dropped. Which makes it really
tough to walk or waddle for that matter =) lol


246 Days pregnant

Today I am 247 days pregnant...wow I've got pretty far!
(35 weeks 2 days).
The final count down has begun! Most likely b/c of my
gestational diabetes they will induce me early....so in
less than 4 weeks we will meet our new princess!!! WOW
I am so anxious to meet her!
I have checked off the final thing off our list, a car seat!
Gosh I can't believe I waited this long to get one! But now
she is ready to come home =)
I have started my maternity leave a little early, do to some
complications. I am to take it easy and rest now so that
Stella makes a safe entrance into this world. It is very
hard for me to "rest". Especially at this time of year when
I feel I "need" to get things done for Christmas. But I
am blessed with a very loving family who have helped
me with cleaning and shopping! I could not ask for a
better mom & husband..as well as kiddos =)
Alli Jo is getting very excited to meet her baby sister!
She has helped me fold Stella's clothes and blankets,
organized her bedroom, and got the diaper bag ready =)
Hunter has pretty much kept to herself and she gets excited
to feel the baby kick...but she pretty much knows what to
expect and isn't the happiest to know mommy is going to have
to share her love with yet another child =( So we are trying
to cope with that as much as we can.
All in all we are ready to meet our princess....just waiting for
her to be ready to meet us =)


Hunter's Christmas Program

Last week Hunter had her Christmas program. This was
for grades K-3rd. K-2nd did mostly singing, and the 3rd
grade had singing and speaking parts. It was really cute!
Hunter had 3 speaking parts...I was so proud of her!! She
did great! Silly mommy had just got a new point-n-shoot
and could not figure out the video --go figure! lol
So I didn't capture any video =( But here are a few pics!
Isn't she adorable!!

For my birthday/Christmas present...Joe let me
get a new point-n-shoot. It's the Canon PowerShot SX20.
I must say my favorite point-n-shoot thus far!
It has a 20x wide-angle zoom & 12.1-megapixels!
Plus you can shoot stunning HD movies (if I ever figure it out).
Thank you hunny =)


238 Days pregnant

Today I am 238 Days pregnant (34 weeks).
I am still seeing Doc once a week, and get a NST
twice a week. Everything went great at my appt
Monday. I asked doc the odds of me getting a c-
section and he said very slim. I've already had a
8lb 6oz child (Alli) so he's not too worried. Next
Monday we will do another ultrasound to estimate
the size of Stella. And we will make plans for the
birth from there! Everyone is predicting I won't
make it past New Years....we shall see =)
I don't at all feel ready. I mean I'm ready to meet
her, just not yet =) Give me a few more weeks and
I know I will be ready! I have a LONG list of necessities
I just discovered we needed....so I need to get to the
store soon! I am a planner and it's driving me nuts!
Nothing major has changed with my body, except the
fact I can hardly get up and down anymore LOL
It's pretty comical if you ask me or even Joe!
Getting out of bed is sometimes a "team" effort! haha
I usually just ROLL!!
I have been having A LOT of Braxton hicks again.
They are so painful, it's hard to tell if they're real
at first. At work I timed them 5 minutes apart,
but then they stopped. So it has been interesting!
Well that's about all the new info for now. I will try to
keep up with my blogging..it's been crazy lately!


My birthday and celebrating our Savior's Birthday

Well another birthday has come and past!
I am now 27 years young =) haha I had a
blast on my birthday just spending it with family!
I couldn't be happier having such a great husband
and two amazing daughters that light up my world!
They are seriously what keep me going!! I cannot
wait for Stella to meet her amazing family =)
It was too funny when I told Alli Jo that it was my
birthday...she kept asking "Can I come?" She thought
it would be a BIG party like all of her friends have had!
She cracks me up!
We have begun decorating for an upcoming birthday...
our Savior Jesus!!!
We are so excited and cannot wait to honor our
Father! Alli Jo gets a double dose this year of parties
for Him! She gets to have a party at preschool where
they will have a cake and goodies all for Him! I think
it's awesome to be able to still do this in school...granted
it's a Catholic school...but still =)
I hope to be able to keep the true meaning of Christmas
in our family so that my girls will carry it on to theirs!
A little update on my pregnancy:
I am 33 1/2 weeks pregnant. I now am seeing Doc once
a week, and go in twice a week for a Fetal Non-Stress
Test (NST). So far Stella has been great and last week
the test went wonderful! I am managing the gest. diabetes
as best I can. The endocrinologist did increase my insulin
again last week, and the numbers seem to be droping
even more!
I am really nervous about the possibilty of a c section.
I plan to talk this over with Doc today at my weekly appt.
He has not mentioned anything at all that it's in our "plan"
but I was asked by the diabetes doc if there were any plans
to do so. So I know it's common with my condition, I would
just rather not have to =)
Oh and please keep my good friend Shaya & her little one
in your prayers...her lil Miss is going to be here soon =)



A little behind on my posts, but better late than never, right? ha hA

Last Tuesday Alli Jo had her Thanksgiving program at
preschool. It was too darn cute! The girls were dressed as little
pilgrims and the boys were Indians =) They all sang Thanksgiving
songs, followed bytheir preschool prayer and then sat down
with family to have "Thanksgiving Dinner".
It was so much fun!! I had to hold back tears
b/c my baby isn't so much a baby anymore =(
She was so grown up singing all the words she knew!
We had a few bloopers as she was
picking her nose...ha ha! She was right in the front too LOL
But you can't blame her, her nose was so dry from her sinus
drainage. Needless to say she wasn't the only one =)
Thursday we had a great Thanksgiving! I did pretty good on my
eating...I was a little worried. But we planned ahead on foods that
I could eat so I just ate a lot of that =)
We went to my mom's to eat lunch and spent the afternoon playing
board games with my mom, step-dad, sister, BIL, and the kiddos.
That evening we went to Joe's g-mas house and visited with his
family. Good times!

Friday morning, I sent Joe out to get what I wanted from the
Wal-mart ad. He did pretty good...he couldn't find one item
and they ended up not having anymore. Too bad I'm not preggo
every year =) I ended up going out with him later to do more
shopping and I think we're done! Woo hoo!! There are just a
couple more things I want to get. Friday evening we went and
picked out our Christmas tree!! We had fun...but of course we
couldn't all agree and guess who won.......me! lol But it's
beautiful and the girls love it now =)


218 days pregnant & dealing with Gestational Diabetes

Today I am 217 days pregnant ( 31 weeks and 1 day).
As I mentioned on previous posts, I had been diagnosed
with Gestation Diabetes. I think I left you on the last post
saying that I was going to visit with the doc and possibly have
to get insulin. Well, yep he said I need insulin. The diet
wasn't working, so I take 5 injections a day!! UGH
It hasn't been "as bad" as I thought. I take Humulin by syringe
in the morning and at night (2 doses) and then the
Humalog pen with breakfast, lunch, and dinner (3 doses). The
pen is very similar to what I used in my fertility treatments, so
I felt like a pro! ha I was really nervous to use the syringe, but
the needle wasn't big at all, infact it hurts less than the pen!!
Here is a little bit of info for those who aren't very familar
with gestational diabetes:
When you eat, your digestive system breaks most of your food
down into a type of sugar called glucose. The glucose enters your
bloodstream and then — with the help of insulin, a hormone
made by your pancreas — provides fuel for the cells of your
body. Like the type 1 and type 2 diabetes you can get when
you're not pregnant, gestational diabetes causes the glucose
to stay in your blood instead of moving into your cells and
getting converted to energy. Why does this sometimes happen
when you're pregnant? During pregnancy, your hormones make
it tougher for your body to use insulin, so your pancreas needs
to produce more of it. For most moms-to be, this isn't a
problem: As your need for insulin increases, your pancreas
dutifully secretes more of it. But when a woman's pancreas
can't keep up with the insulin demand and her blood glucose
levels get too high, the result is gestational diabetes.Most
women with gestational diabetes don't remain diabetic once
the baby is born. Once you've had it, though, you're at higher
risk for getting it again during a future pregnancy and for
becoming diabetic later in life.
My next OB appt is on the 30th. I believe they'll will be keeping
a close watch on Miss Stella so that she doesn't get too big!
For most women with gestational diabetes, the main worry is that
too much glucose will end up in the baby's blood. When that
happens, the baby's pancreas needs to produce more insulin
to process the extra glucose. All this excess blood sugar and
insulin can cause your baby to make more fat and put on extra
weight, particularly in the upper body.


T Minus 70 days

Today I am 30 weeks preggo =) Hard to believe I have only
10 weeks or less until I meet baby Robinson A.K.A. Stella.
After seeing her on the 3D ultrasound, I feel more than
ready to be her mommy. I cannot wait until the day I
can hold her and introduce her to her daddy and sisters
who are overjoyed to meet her as well!
This past weekend I finally got all of her clothes hung up.
I still haven't bought anything brand new for Miss S, all
of her clothes are either her sisters or from yard sales. But
they are the cutest clothes eva! lol I will however probably buy
her a new dress to wear home from the hospital =)
I need to get to wal-mart and just buy all of her necessities,
baby shampoo, lotions, diapers, wipes, etc. Other than
that I think we're set!!
So on my last post I posted about having gestational diabetes.
This week I've tested my blood sugar every day, 4x's a day.
My numbers have come down some with diet, but not to what
they "should" be. I meet with the doc Friday, we'll see what
he says. It really hasn't been hard cutting out the sugar/sweets
b/c I haven't craved them at all this pregnancy. It's the carbs
that is tough =( Anything for my little princess tho!
I meet with a dietician today to go over some meal plans, etc.
I finally got to feeling "myself" again after the pneumonia. I
got some of my energy back...and just in time! Hunter got the
flu last week and was pretty much "out of it" for a week =(
Thanks to my awesome mom, we quarantined her to one
bedroom and bathroom and nobody else got sick...thank God!
Alli Jo has been getting sinus infections again, and I was hoping it
wouldn't be so many since she had her tonsils out last spring.
She still snores quite a bit as well, so I'm hoping with time that
will all go away...poor girl!
There hasn't been many other body changes, except for this
ever growing belly! I cannot sleep at night and it is getting harder
and harder to turn in bed. I have very painful ligament pains, sort
of like "popping" when I turn in bed. I also have some cramping
which I know is just "growing pains" so to speak. And I dont' have
to even mention how many times I use the restroom in the middle of
the night LOL
Here's what's going on with Stella this week:
Your baby's about 15.7 inches long now, and she weighs almost
3 pounds. A pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounds her, but
that volume will decrease as she gets bigger and takes up more
room in your uterus. Her eyesight continues to develop, though
it's not very keen; even after she's born, she'll keep her eyes
closed for a good part of the day. When she does open them,
she'll respond to changes in light but will have 20/400 vision —
which means she can only make out objects a few inches from her face.


203 days pregnant

Thursday I was 203 days pregnant (29 weeks)!
Getting closer to meeting our angel every day =)
I found out this week I have gestational diabetes.
For those of you who don't know what that is;
gestational diabetes is high blood sugar (diabetes) that starts or
is first diagnosed durning pregnancy.
I had my glucose screening last week, and my number was
double what it should be...so I skipped the 4 hr test and
went straight to seeing an endocrine specialist.
We are seeing how my numbers look this week, and if
they don't lower I will need insulin.
I test my blood sugar 4x's/day. Took me a little bit to
get used to...but I'll do anything for my baby girl!
Here are a few pictures we captured in 3D of Miss Stella


Super Girl and Baterina

Thursday evening we took the girls trick-or-treating
at all of the g-parents houses. I'm glad we made this
a separate evening b/c it took up every bit of time we
The girls had a blast this year picking out their costumes!
Alli Jo knew as soon as she saw hers...SUPER GIRL!!!
Hunter took a while to decide, but she finally went with
a "Baterina" lol
Take a look...aren't they the cutest =)


Third Trimester....are u serious???

WOW! Where has the time gone?
Today I am 196 days (28 weeks) pregnant =)

I am slowly getting over what they think was early stage
pneumonia....yuck! I have never felt so horrible!
With meds, rest...rest...and more rest as
well as tons of fluids I'm feeling better today =)

I did have to cancel my photo sessions for the rest of the
year =( Thank God I had some really understanding
clients...who I can't wait to shoot next spring!!

Besides being sick I've had various other not so fun things
going on. Braxton Hicks have become my new friend....not a friend
I can say I enjoy..ugh! Some others include...back pain, fatigue,
breathing difficulty (partly from being sick I would imagine),
slight swelling in my ankles, frequent urination, and difficulty
sleeping =(

I cannot figure out why on earth I have to urinate 6 times in the
middle of the night, when I don't even go 6 times during the day! lol
If anyone knows the answer please let me know =)

My poor husband...I do not know how he sleeps with me at night
b/c I'm CONSTANTLY rolling around! I cannot get comfortable
at all! Lying on my back interferes with blood circulation,
I could never do that even not preggo.....and lying on my
stomach isn't possible!! Not good for a "stomach sleeper".

Oh the joys of pregnancy! ha
There aren't just negative things about this pregnancy though.
I thank my Father every day for allowing me to carry His children!
It is the best feeling in the world to have this little miracle
growing inside me! All of the family has felt Miss Stella
kick =) Well Alli Jo...I'm just not sure about her, ha...she
will put her hand on my belly and say right away, "I felt it!" lol
Joe FINALLY got to feel her! She really kicked hard too! Think
she wanted to make sure daddy knew she loved him =)
Hunter feels her almost every time...it cracks me up!

I haven't gone shopping yet for just Stella. I have only got some
yard sale clothes for her...but they are great and so stinkin cute!
I am really going to have to become more frugal with 3 kiddos
and take advantage of yard sales!!

Here's what is going on with Stella this week:
By this week, your baby weighs two and a quarter pounds
and measures 14.8 inches from the top of her head to her heels.
She can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight
developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in
through your womb. She's also developing billions of neurons
in her brain and adding more body fat in preparation
for life in the outside world.

Tomorrow is my glucose screening test. And I also get to do
the 3D ultrasound!
I cannot WAIT to see Miss Stella's face =)

Oh and I will leave you with a little preview of what is
to come with the Halloween costumes...hee hee!


Pregnancy - Day 189

Today I am 189 days pregnant (27 weeks)!
Only one more week and I'll be in my third trimester!
Woo hoo!!!
I can really start to tell how much she is growing!
My clothes are getting tighter :) I think I've gained
a total of 10lbs this pregnancy so far. Pretty good cuz
I really only need to gain 15-20 this time.
I am getting the braxton hicks contractions. They are
usually when I stand for long periods of time or when
I haven't had enough fluids.
The bed seems to be getting smaller and smaller. lol
Maybe it's because Alli Jo sneaks in during the night :)
My husband would say it's b/c of the mountain of pillows
I have to have strategically placed around me! ha ha
Next week I do the glucose screening test. I really don't mind
this test at all, I actually think the orange drink is good :)
I also get to do a 3D ultrasound the same day! I'm so
excited! I want to see Stella's beautiful face! I remember
getting to see Alli Jo's on the 3D, and she was such an
angel! I think this will be fun for the girls to see her and
make it more of a reality.
Here's what's going on with Stella's this week:
This week, your baby weighs almost 2 pounds and is about
14 1/2 inches long with her legs extended. She's sleeping and
waking at regular intervals, opening and closing her eyes, and
perhaps even sucking her fingers. With more brain tissue
developing, your baby's brain is very active now. While her
lungs are still immature, they would be capable of
functioning — with a lot of medical help — if she were to
be born now. Chalk up any tiny rhythmic movements you
may be feeling to a case of baby hiccups, which may be
common from now on. Each episode usually lasts only a few
moments, and they don't bother her, so just relax
and enjoy the tickle.


Too cute for my camera: Leah Robinson Photography

Do I need to say anything at all...
this little girl was too cute for my camera...
I think she broke it with her irresistible dimples :)

Playing peek-a-boo


A Mother's Love: Leah Robinson Photography

When no words are needed for captions,
you know as a photographer you have done your job:)
Love this girl so much! She is such a great mommy!


Endearing: Leah Robinson Photography

I seriously couldn't even picture a better session then
this one....well maybe if it was just a tad warmer that day!
This little doll was the sweetest girl! She would do anything
I asked of her! It usually takes kids just a few minutes to
warm up to the camera, but not her....
she was my best friend w/in the first minute...love it!
I went to school with her mommy and let me tell ya...
this is her clone!!!

100 days......

to go!!!
Where has the time gone...wow!
In about 3 mos I'm going to be a mother of three!
This week I'm 26 weeks (182 days) preggo.
Here's what's going on with Stella this week:
Your baby has put on quite a bit of weight by
pregnancy week 26 and is now a whopping
1.7 pounds (almost). Your baby's total length
is about 14 inches during pregnancy 26 weeks!
Your baby is now starting to add a little fat to her
bones, though she won't start accumulating
too much fat until the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Your uterus should now be about 2 and a half
inches above your belly button. Your uterus will
continue growing at a rate of about 1 centimeter each
week as you continue your pregnancy week by week.
You have probably put on some weight at this point
in time, up to 23 pounds for some women. Your weight
may fluctuate from day to day due to water retention
so try not to weight yourself every day if you can avoid it,
as this could prove discouraging during your pregnancy.
The entire family is getting so excited to meet Miss Stella. This
past week, her big sister Hunter was the first to feel her kick!!!
3 times as a matter of fact :) It cracks me up....
Stella can be "sleeping"and she hears her big sisters and
starts kicking like crazy! I just love it!Alli Jo loves to hug and
lay on my belly (it is quite the pillow right now). She talks to her
baby sister and kisses her every day. She tells her about her day
and funny stories. She "says" she feels her kick too LOL
When daddy puts his hand on mommy's belly,
Stella stops kicking. I can pretty much rely on dad to stop those
hard kicks haha! Maybe it's b/c she's waiting to hear who it is :)
Too quiet to be her sisters! Or maybe daddy's touch puts
her to sleep (let's hope so). So we can't wait till January!!
Baby Stella we love you so much!!


Saturday Holiday Mini-Sessions: Leah Robinson Photography

So I survived my first weekend doing mini-sessions!!
Despite the frigid temps :)
Here is a little preview of my Saturday groups.....
I give A+'s to all the kiddos for doing so great in such
cold weather!!