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Had some fun back to school mini sessions this weekend =)   Sneak Peeks to come....


Back To School 8-11-11

Well yesterday was the start of school again.  Goodness, where did summer go?  I have to say it is nice having a routine again, we just have to get IN the routine HA HA!  

Alli Jo started Kindergarten.  It was very hard for me, not so much for her!  She was so excited...she popped right out of bed and couldn't wait to get there.  I walked her in and I just felt like I wasn't ready....I wasn't ready for her to grow up and not need me anymore.  She loves me so much right now, and I don't want that to change :(  I know it's part of life, it's just the hard part of life!!!   She got to take her favorite stuffed animal, that she calls giraffey.  It's a little giraffe that was a boy, but we changed it to be a girl so "she" could wear a dress for the first day of school!!   One thing I struggle with is Alli Jo's eating, or lack thereof.  She is seriously the pickiest eater in the world.  We packed her lunch in her Hello Kitty lunchbox.....two pieces of bread, jello, bag of chips, and a capri sun LOL  Now I will accept my Mother of the Year award later folks HAHAHA 

When she got home, she told me it was the best day ever!  Her room is the "popcorn" themed room.  They all sit at tables in their classroom, not desks.   They had THREE recesses!!  She had a partner named Lexi, because Elle wanted to be partners with Willow but that was ok b/c she likes Lexi and she is her new friend =)    She ate everything in her lunchbox except the two pieces of bread.  Oh and last night she told me, "mom...it's ok if you miss me during the day.  You can send me a note in my lunchbox!"  hahaha  Isn't she the cutest thing!!!  love her

Hunter wasn't so excited about starting school this year.  Well she was until she found out that NONE of her friends are in her homeroom.  Then she thought it was the end of the world.  Well at age 11, that probably IS her world.  So I understand.  There's just nothing I can do about it.  All I can do is reassure her that she will see her friends at lunch and recesses and band class.  She eats the school lunch, so I don't have to worry about packing her lunch and I know she will eat well.  

She stayed with her dad the night before school.  I think it helped calm her nerves a bit.  And she seemed to have a great day.  Her teacher, Mr Graber likes to tease her...I think that will help get her through this school year!  She said he asked her who her boyfriend was and that he would find out before the end of the day LOL  She was giggling just telling me about it.  I guess he never found out that special boy ;) 

 My two little students, Alli Jo - Kindergarten and Hunter - 5th grade
 Alli Jo with her teacher, Mrs. Kavanaugh =) 
 She looks so grown up!
 Sitting in line waiting for class to begin

One of AJ's besties, Emma =) 


Combining Blogs

So I've been debating for a while if I should combine my personal blog with photography posts and just have ONE blog.  It's so hard to maintain more than one.  I worry about weirdo's out there reading about my kiddos....but I guess if this one is public, they can do that anyway!  So.....I'm going to start posting my photog sessions and info for photo lovers =)  Hope you enjoy!!!

Speaking of photography.....

I had an amazing time getting to know Alexis. I knew Alexis when she was just a little girl about age 3 =) It's crazy to see her so grown up, so poised, and beautiful!!! Check out our sneak peek from the session.


Alli Jo turns 5

I've been trying to upload pics for a while now...ARG. Here's a little sneak peek from Alli Jo's bday. It was BUG themed...they had so much fun with it!

I added two or three new blog posts under this one, so check 'em out!!  

Changes around our home

I'm tired of sick kids, I'm tired of being sick, frankly I'm sick and tired of the dr's bills LOL  So this fall/winter....things are changing around our household.  I've taken the advice of a good friend and my kiddos are going to start building up their immune systems and fight off those bugs!!  I will update you all when I see how well they work!  lol

For the beginner runner

I know a lot of you like hearing about running, so I thought I'd post what has helped me to get started and actually STAY with it this time =) 

First of all I have an iPhone.  So I have all my iTunes on it and I created a playlist of up-temp songs to get me going....

This is the arm band I use (when you get it, it's common sense, but put the Velcro part on the outside of your arm or else you will get chaffing from the band like I did)


Speaking of chaffing...I've never got it before that I can remember until I started my long runs. You can get it ANYWHERE. You will notice new clothes sometimes do it...or just a lot of sweat from a hot day! They make: BODYGLIDE


On your iPhone or iPod touch you can download Nike+GPS app that is your own personal coach.  Here's where you can log in to nike plus, then you want to add the app Nike + GPS for $1.99


This is a site I did to create maps....I believe there's an app for your iPhone too!

Here is where I find upcoming races, I'm sure there are other sites out there also!

This is a store in Evansville that will fit you for running shoes

But you can find good deals online for the close-out shoes


And search for coupons/codes online before you check out! I think I got my 2nd pair for like $70, I bought my first for like $125 :( LOL

Hope that helps someone out there  =)

Here is my run from last night....oh it felt like about 100 degrees + which is actually cooler than it had been HA HA  But it was my first time running in the grass...I ran with (well behind) the BR cross country team =)
Distance: 3.08 mi


Editing Challenge

I'm linking up with Faith's Simplicity Blog today! The editing challenge was to edit a picture of her and precious son =) So sweet!

Here is the original Faith took
Here are my editing skilz =) Photos by Faith R, editing by me!
 I wasn't sure which one I liked better, what do you think? 

You can find faith's blog here