4lbs 4oz....

Nope that's not how much one of my daughters weighed at birth LOL That's how much I lost at my first week weigh-in! Woo hoo! Our goal for me was to lose 3lbs =) So I reached that goal! Jodi was really proud of me, and it made me feel great! She is so encouraging to me and that's exactly what I need right now. But she didn't let me celebrate too long, we got right on with our workout. We did strenth training for an hour. I thought it would be great that we weren't doing "cardio", but I think I got more nauseous than the first night!! She is tough!! But man do I feel good the rest of the night! I'm so excited I cannot wait till next weigh-in to see my progress again!

I was really shocked to see how many other women can relate to what I'm going through. And honestly it doesn't matter their size, each woman has their own insecurities. Even when I was a size 5, I still had parts of my body I didn't like. And to look back at pictures of me then, I think I was crazy haha...I'd do anything to be that skinny again! So I'm hoping once I reach my goals that I will finally be happy with the body God has given to me. I've been reading another blog about a woman's struggle with weight-loss, and I agree with 100% of what she's saying!! It's amazing how much women have in common. Here are a few more reasons why I want to get healthy.......

#11 - The power food has over me
Do you ever sit there eating breakfast, and start to think about what you want to make for dinner that night.? I do. Then I think that since it's so cold, maybe it would be nice to have the oven on and bake something. But what about lunch? What should I make for lunch? Then it occurs to me. It's 9 am and I'm already planning my food for that day. I disgust the power food has over me. I always seem to be thinking about and planning my next meal. Whether or not I'm on a diet, food is front and center in my life. I hate that! I think a lot of people blissfully float through the day only thinking of food when their tummies begin to grumble. I would love to be like that! I think for me it’s a boredom thing, which is probably true for many people. You're home; you're bored; you eat. Maybe instead of planning my food day I should be planning to do other stuff around the house to keep me busy. Maybe it's time to learn to sew, or maybe I should organize my photos, there's always laundry, or even cleaning the house. Whatever I do, I really need to try to keep myself busy on boring days! Hopefully I can distract my brain from constantly thinking about food.

But it's not just boredom that makes me reach for yummy treats; it's pretty much any emotion. Are you like this too? Do you find yourself reaching for chips when you're sad, mad, glad, or, frankly, feeling any other emotion? I sure do! We probably get introduced to emotion eating from celebrations. We always have special cakes on our birthdays, or a special treat for a job well done like getting a good report card or scoring a goal for the soccer team. We eat for these good emotions. We're happy, excited, elated. Then someone eventually gives us something to eat to help us heal. You're sick? Here's some chicken soup. You're sad? Here are some cookies. So these friendly gestures ended up turning into me trying to fix my emotional issues with food. I'm sad, I need a cookie. I'm stressed out, I need some chips. I'm bored, I need to go look in the cupboards for something to eat. I'm tired, I need something to eat then I'll feel more energy. Somewhere along the line I went from saying "I want something to eat", to saying "I NEED something to eat". Food has become this guiding force in my life. It's taken over a big part of me. I hate that! I hate that food has such a power over me!So what can I do? I guess I need to re-learn how to cope with emotions. Like when I'm bored, I need to find ways to keep myself busy. And what if I bake something? Well, then I need to eat whatever I make in moderation - no half a pan of brownies for me! Most of all I can't beat myself up if I do end up turning to food sometimes. It's gonna happen. If I feel guilty about it, I'll probably self-destruct and just eat more. I guess I just need to take baby steps. Try not to let food dominate my life. Listen to music if I'm sad. Workout if I'm frustrated. Sew or clean or read when I'm bored. And to celebrate? Well I'm still gonna have cake on my birthday! You can't give up food in every situation. LOL

#12 - The bathroom scale
I think we all have a phobia of our bathroom scale. Will all my hard work of diet and exercise be reflected on the bathroom scale? Did I lose any weight after that 3 mile run? Will I gain ten pounds from that box of doughnuts I ate yesterday? How many times have you weighed yourself twice in one day, three times, four, ten, more? We all play the bathroom scale dance, repeatedly weighing ourselves and moving the scale around our homes. If I move the scale to the far side of the bathroom, will I weigh less? Or if I put the scale in the hallway, will I see a lower number? Why do we do this to ourselves? Do we really think it's possible to lose weight every single day? It's not!

I just don't know why I think that weighing myself three times in a row will help me lose weight. Third time's the charm? I guess that's my reasoning, however crazy! Do I still hate my bathroom scale? I think hate is too a strong word to describe my relationship with my scale now. Loathe? Despise? Abhor? Fear? Tolerate? Maybe sometimes. But some days I think I like or even love the scale. You know those days! We're so wrapped up in numbers , like clothing size and weight. But really in the end, weight is just a number. Weight doesn't always reflect how hard we've worked. Weight can't reflect how we feel about ourselves. I hope that someday I can put away the scale and just be happy with my healthy self. I really want this journey to be about health and not some elusive number. But for now weight is one physical way I can measure my success.

#13 - I'm too young to feel this old
Stiff joints, bad knees, short of breath, weak, tires easily, not able to walk long distances, issues with blood sugar control, and high blood pressure. Does this sound like the description of a 27 year old woman? It is. It's me! I am way too young to feel this old! I should be running around enjoying the prime of my life. Instead, I need to rest and conserve my energy as I deal with health issues (health issues brought upon me from excess weight). How did I ever let my weight get this out of control? It's like all this weight mysteriously sneaked up on me. Didn't I notice I was starting to have health problems? Or did I get fat first, and then the problems showed up? I just can't remember. I have fat amnesia. "Doctor, I just don't know how it happened. I don't remember gaining any weight. I was 150 one day, 200 the next. What happened to me?" I fear this amnesia has cost me my youth. I'm to the point now where I don't remember being young and healthy. How sad. I'm never going to feel younger unless I get this weight issue under control. I really have been working hard to eat better, eating more fruits and veggies and lean meats. It's so easy to squeeze a little exercise in while watching TV. Jodi recommends getting up during commercial breaks (3minutes) and doing jumping jacks or kickbacks, just something to get that heart pumping! I think a lot of people race to lose their weight, losing 5+ pounds a week. Like those people on Biggest Loser. They lose 10-20 pounds a week! That seems great and all, but what will happen to them 5 years from now? Experts say slow, steady weight loss is more likely maintainable, while rapid losers usually gain their weight back. So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm trying to focus on health and wellbeing right now. If I adopt healthy behaviors I will lose weight, although slowly, but surely. I hope that my slow and steady method will mean that I will be able to maintain a healthy weight. I know that if I keep working at it, one day I'll feel young again!

#14 - Not recognizing myself in the mirror
I can be having the best day ever, but one look in the mirror can crumble my ego and my spirits. I hate this about being fat! And some days when I'm feeling all girly and pretty, and doll myself up all nice, I look in the mirror and am reminded that all the makeup and pretty clothes in the world won’t hide the fact that I'm fat. Maybe this is why so many of us don't bother with dressing up or wearing makeup, cause why does it matter anyway, right? Well.....it does matter! Taking care of yourself makes you feel better. If you feel better, who cares what you look like in the mirror? If you feel good, you feel confident, you really do look better. In the past I've had people ask me if I had lost weight when I had in fact gained weight, because they just happened to catch me on a very good day where I had my head held high and beamed with confidence. Really, it's confidence that we all find so attractive. Sure a body like Jessica Alba helps (haha), but confidence can be just as appealing. But on the flip side, when I look at myself in the mirror and can't even recognize the image looking back at me, I have a hard time having much confidence.I'm not making overly optimistic weight loss goals. I just want to get down to a healthier weight range. In my journey to achieve a healthier me I want to be able to look in the mirror and say, "Yup, that's me," and not have it negatively influence my life. I know most people are never truly happy with how they look. But I think as we lose weight, we just need to remember back to our heaviest selves and realize how healthy and beautiful we've become, to realize that even if we're not perfect, we're so much better off than we were. I guess we need to remember where we've been and how far we've come, then maybe when we look in the mirror we'll be happy with what we see.

#15 - My outer body doesn't match my inner self
Looking back on my life, I find it ironic that in high school I was pretty much anorexic and thought I was fat, and now that I’m overweight I feel sometimes that I’m skinnier than I am, HAHAHA!! What in the world!! Maybe that's why I got so fat anyway, because I never noticed the pounds creeping on. So I know that I’ve gained weight with my last two kiddos, and in my mind's eye I see myself as about 50lbs thinner, when in fact I'm not. I guess it's a good thing that I have pretty good self esteem, but maybe I need to work a little harder at noticing the true reality of my body, that yes in fact I am quite overweight. I guess this is why I try to pay attention to the numbers on the scale. I know a lot of experts that say not to focus so much on weight, but rather pay attention to how you feel or how you look or how your clothes fit. That's just too hard for me. I wonder if when I lose the weight if my mind continues to play tricks on me. Will I always see myself as thinner than I really am?

I think it’s a vicious cycle for young women. I notice this in my 9 year old daughter already. How can a skinny little thing like her look in the mirror and feel like she’s fat???? She had a complete meltdown the other night trying to find clothes to put on. She was hysterically screaming that she was fat and nothing fit her!! I couldn’t believe my eyes; it was like watching my childhood all over again. Why? What have I done as a mother to cause my beautiful daughter to feel this way? I’m still not sure. I NEVER talk about my body in front of the girls, ever. So I think it’s just society’s way of passing down the body image thing. I’m not sure how Hunter feels like she should look, but she’s not happy with her body and I need to help her change those feelings now!

So wanted to share that I've found this AWESOME free online diet program, Spark People. In the past I've used Weight Watchers Online, but money is super tight, so I couldn't fork out the cash for a diet plan. I was referred to Spark People by friends, who very enthusiastically recommended them. You can track your nutrition; they have a huge list of food comparable to WW Online, Nutrition Data, and Calorie-Count. You can track your fitness, not only cardio, but also strength training. But best of all, is that they supply a diet plan (a very reasonable calorie range), meal plans (for those of us with little creativity when dieting), and a fitness plan (it's like a personal trainer). They have tons of articles on nutrition, fitness, motivation, health and wellbeing. They have a huge community with lots of supportive message boards covering virtually every topic. You can even join a team and lose weight together. They have a great selection of healthy recipes, and they even have a recipe builder so you can calculate the calories in your favorite homemade sticky buns! And what does all of this cost? Nothing! It's free! They have private sponsors, so yes, there are ads. But hey, it's free! Check it out, I bet you'll love it!


Say a little prayer....

Saturday Alli started getting that gross yellow mucas coming out of her eyes. I would wipe it and then it would come right back. I called the dr's office to see if they could just call in some drops, so she did. We started the drops right away. Well she woke up in the middle of the night and was hysterical, she couldn't open her eyes. Joe and I turned on the light and both looked at each other with scared faces. Her eyes was extremely swollen shut, looked like she had been in a fight it was that bad. Her eyelashes were even swelled under her eyelid. We called the on-call doc and she said to put a cold wash cloth on her eye for now (which helped a ton) and that she wanted to meet us at the dr office first thing Sunday morning. By the time we got up again, the other eyes was getting it too.

At our appointment the doc diagnosed her with periorbital cellulitis . It's basically an infection of the tissues around the eye. So she gave her two shots (antibiotic) at the office, and then prescribed an oral antibiotic to start today. She is also to take eye drops, nasonex, and her claritin. The poor thing!! Please just keep her in your prayers that she heals quickly and there is no permanent damage to her eyes! Thank you!
I know it may seem mean, but we snapped a picture of her eye Sunday morning, this is AFTER we got the swelling down with the cold wash cloth.

6, 7, 8, 9, and 10

# 6 - Having my picture taken

I know this sounds ridiculous considering I am a photographer and I can’t remember what weight it started, but when I'm this heavy, I hate having my picture taken. I'm always so surprised when I see myself in pictures, at how fat I am. I appear way fatter than I think I am in photos. Anyhow, when I see myself in recent photos, it really motivates me to lose weight (it also gets me a bit depressed, though). Maybe I need to post pics of myself around the house as motivation to keep me going…….

# 7 - being told I have a pretty face

Isn't this the kiss of death for someone overweight? I know, this should be a compliment, but it really doesn't feel like it. It's more like someone telling you, "Hey you're fat, but at least you aren't ugly." I do have a pretty face, but I hate when people say it. Can't they just say, "You’re pretty"? Why do they have to add that qualifier...a pretty face? LOL

# 8 - Being the heaviest person in the room

This one really gets to me. I hate that when I look around the room, I realize I'm the heaviest person there. I would love to just blend into the crowd, size-wise again. I hate the feeling of thinking everyone in the room is judging me, thinking how fat I am. I know this is a self-esteem issue. Realistically, everyone in the room isn't thinking about how fat I am. Sure, maybe people that meet me for the first time think bad things about me, but the people that know and love me, look at me for who I am - a great person - not just that I’m overweight. But still, when I look around the room and realize I'm the biggest person there, it makes me feel bad.It's thoughts like these that sabotage our weight loss efforts, isn't it? Isn't it times when you think - look at how she looked at me, she thinks I'm fat - that we turn to our beloved cartons of Ben & Jerry's for support? Food is like that. It's the best emotional support you could ask for. It's always there, standing by us in our times of need. It makes of feel better, by giving us that wonderful serotonin rush. And most of all it comforts us, erasing all the bad things that happened during the day. So how do we combat this vicious cycle of being judged, feeling bad about it, then over eating, getting fatter, being judged even more, feeling even worse about it, eating more and more and more, etc, etc, etc? So what do we do? It's pretty hard to take away the food, isn't it? It's not like being an alcoholic; you can't go cold-turkey on food. We have to eat. So sure we can cut out junk food, but still, a nice plate of spaghetti and meatballs can help fix a bad day, can't it? So let's see, what can we do then? Take away the criticism of others; take away the stares and comments we receive. Well that's not gonna happen. People are cruel, and fat people are one of the still publicly accepted targets of ridicule and mocking. So we can't take away the food, we can't make people nice, what can we do? Just get over it? Just deal with the crap that life sends us? Make our BEST efforts NOT to use food as an emotional tool? It is so hard! But really this is all we can do. Lift our heads high, let comments and stares roll off our backs, and work on becoming the best person we can be. Only then can we take back the control. Only then can we start to lose weight. Only then can we become an average person in the room and not the heaviest person in sight.

#9 - Having half a dozen sizes in my closet

I know it sounds weird for a girl to say it, but I hate that I have so many clothes! The problem is not really the amount of clothes I own, but rather the number of different sizes I have. I seem to have an entire wardrobe based on how fat or thin I'm feeling or looking. I know, I know, every girl has this dilemma. I mean, who doesn't own a couple pairs of "fat jeans" and "skinny jeans"? And of course, I go through purging phases, where I clean out my closet of clothes that don't fit. I think I've thrown out entire wardrobes worth of clothes after I'd lost weight, only to re-purchase those very sizes again once I put the weight back on. What a waste! You know how it is. You lose weight, you're proud, you vow never to be that heavy again, you get lazy, your diet fails, you gain weight, and then you're back at the original size. I've managed to lose 40 pounds so far after I had Stella, and some of my clothes are getting loose. This time I vowed NOT to throw out all my ill fitting clothes. A few months ago I had boxed up my "skinny" clothes, in an attempt to protect my pocketbook. I'm glad I did this. I knew I would lose weight again and would need those smaller sizes soon enough. And this time, I won't throw out my "fat" clothes either. I'll save them in the unfortunate event that I gain the weight back or purely for a reminder of the size I never want to be again.

#10 – Being weighed at the doctor’s office

I don’t’ care how skinny you are, we all have issues of being weighed in front of other people! Every time I go to the doctor’s office, seems they feel it's necessary to weigh me. I hate that. I already have the torment of weighing myself at home, but now I need to embarrass myself and get weighed in front of someone else. I was weighed quite a bit the last 4 years (being that I had two children). One of the most embarrassing things is when the nurse sets the scale to the 150 marker then slides the pounds up and up and up. Then they move the marker to the 200 pound setting, once again sliding the pounds up and up and up. I guess they're just trying to spare my dignity, but really it's pure torture. I guess it makes your weight more real, having to admit to another human being just how heavy you really are.

Speaking of weight…..tonight is my first weigh-in with my trainer. I have all mixed emotions about my first weigh in. I’m excited to see the progress of my first week, but I’m nervous as well. What if I haven’t lost anything???? YIKES! I don’t think I want a HUGE weight loss, b/c then I’ll be disappointed the following weigh-in. Haha I know I’m silly! I am really proud of myself this week regardless of the numbers on the scale. Not only have I come out publically and admitted that I need a change, I think it finally sunk in as well. I need a life-style change and this week it really showed.

Don’t you hate when you’re on a “diet” and people bring stuff that you’re not supposed to have??? UGH I hate that! Last week was my mom’s bday, so we celebrated by eating at Applebees Friday. It wasn’t too bad, b/c I chose the right things to eat. Jodi, my trainer has told me when I get my food to ask for a “to-go box” and put half my food in there. That seems to work great. She also said to drink a lot of water…which I did and also worked great! The PROBLEM was the appetizer. We always get the appetizer sampler….mozzarella cheese sticks, chips and dip, boneless wings, and chicken quesadillas…gosh that makes me hungry just typing it LOL Well it was tough not to eat that, watching my thin husband and children eat whatever they want w/out a care in the world. (Not that they shouldn’t…they deserve that right) It’s just hard. It’s hard to want to eat something, w/out feeling guilty about eating it. Maybe these weeks ahead will change that! I hope so! Wish me luck, I will post tomorrow about weigh in this evening =)


100 reasons....

Well it’s time folks, time for me to get off the couch and
get IN SHAPE! Monday I started working with a
personal trainer. Honestly I don’t think I would’ve
had the motivation any other way. I used to be my own
biggest motivator, biggest critic….but now I
just don’t care when I cheat.

Well I can’t do it anymore, I don’t want to be
“the fat mom” for my children; I want to be a mother
they can be proud of! I know that sounds harsh, but
hey kids are honest we all know that. I don’t want my
kids to ever get teased for having a fat mom, when they
can’t control it. Not only that but I want to be a good
example of how they should live their lives!

Why now? Well, I could name 100 other reasons why!!
In fact, I will. I don’t mean to offend anyone, so please
don’t take offense. These are all feelings I feel about
myself that really I’ve never said out loud, but need to.
Here are a few to start with……

#1 - Nothing Fits!!
Sure I just had a baby 3months ago, but honestly how
long can I use that excuse of still wearing my maternity
clothes. Ha ha. I tried to just pack them up so that I
had to lose the weight and wear normal clothes. Nope,
that didn’t work….I started digging out my maternity
yoga pants so that my pants weren’t cutting off my
circulation! You laugh, but it’s true!

I'm sick of always reaching for the largest sizes in
stores. Shopping in the plus sizes, ugh! The first time
I couldn’t shop in the normal sizes and had to move
to a 1X was devastating! And who decided that plus-sized
clothes has to be bold or neon colors, with some kind
of animal, flower, sequins or other form of 'bedazzling'
right on the front? Most fat clothes are like targets
that say 'hey look at me, I'm fat!’. Fat clothes are also
really expensive. I get it that it takes more material to
make plus-sizes, but it's not enough to make a sail or
anything. Pretty much every piece of fat clothing I've
bought cost $50+. It makes for a very expensive
wardrobe! Anyway, it's not the cost so much as the
look of plus-sized clothes that makes me sick. Yuck!
I don't want to wear a moo-moo!

#2 - Being out of shape
I really hate being so out of shape at this weight. But to
be honest sometimes consciously I still imagine myself
as I was before my last two children. Here
is what I looked like:
I do own a mirror, and I do live in reality of knowing
that’s not how I look now….but I sometimes think I
can still do the same things and that I’m still in
somewhat shape, just gained a few (few 100 that is) LOL.
I'd like to be able to walk (not even run right now)
up a flight of stairs without getting totally
winded! That would be nice!

Reality did sit in a bit when I started working with
my trainer Monday. I about threw up 3 times! Yep,
not in shape. I hate that….I hate that when I tried
to do a jumping jack…yes a simple jumping jack,
I couldn’t even get this fat body to work!!!
I couldn’t jump and lift all this weight off the
ground….something’s gotta change!

#3 – Pregnant???
One big thing I hate about being fat is being asked
when I'm due. Come on, I know I'm fat, but don't
rub it in! I was in wal-mart right before I got
pregnant with Stella and the clerk ask me when
I was due. I was soooooooo embarrassed that
I just said not for a while. I guess that's true, right?
I'm wasn’t due for a while, hahaha!

#4 - Ashamed to go to the gym
So as a fat person, I clearly don't work out enough.
And clearly, I would lose weight if I worked out more.
Many people are just lazy and don't want to work out,
and that's partly why they're fat. OK, OK, reality check,
"many people"...me included! So I know that I should
work out more to better my health. What get's me is
that when I actually get past the lazy part of not
working out, and actually attempt to go to gym, something
else stops me: I'm totally ashamed to go to the gym at this
weight. I just hate the looks I get. Like, "who are you fatso,
sweatin' up our gym," or "I think the Dunkin' Donuts is
down the block tubby." I've actually gotten past all of this
redicule (both perceived and make-believe) and gone to
the gym and work out anyway. But usually it takes just
one or two stares to send me running for the door.
Most of the time I'm sure my fellow gym mates are
innocently looking my way when I perceive it as some
personal attack. Clearly much of this is in my head. I
need to realize that losing weight is one of the reasons
people go to the gym in first place. Maybe most people
only need to lose 10 or 20 pounds when I need to lose
100, but still, it should be a place for all people to feel
comfortable to work out, lose weight and get healthy.

#5 - I might die if I don't lose weight
Being on blood pressure meds, due to being overweight
at age 27 is pathetic. Seriously! I have caused myself to
have SVT (tachycardia of the heart). It’s ridiculous!
Having to see a cardiologist b/c I’m overweight and
have caused myself heart issues is sad. I could have
EASILY prevented it. My goal this year is to get off any
medications and get my heart healthy again, so that I can
live to see my daughters grow up! I don’t want to be
a statistic like you know, "oh you remember Leah, she
died from a stroke at 32," "What a shame, she was obese
you know." "She brought it on herself." Doesn't that just
sound terrible -
OBESE (in layman's terms obese = deadly fat!).
Congrats if you made it this far =) More to come....


Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over

.......it became a butterfly.



A few new milestones have come this past week...
Stella has found her feet =) I wish I would have
got a picture b/c it's so darn cute! She will use her
pant leg to pull her leg up closer to her and then
grab her toes LOL
Here's a picture of her with her new toy from Mamaw
Nita....she loves to hold it with her feet and kick it.

She also recognizes faces, especially her big sisters!

Alli Jo cracks me up b/c she will wake up in the morning

and go running in to see Stella. She will get right in her

face and say, "Hi baby Stella!". And Stella will just laugh

and smile =) Then Alli Jo will then say, "Look mommy

she is doing what I'm doing!" with a big smile on her face!

I love these moments!

Hunter loves to carry Stella around. She didn't get to do

that at all with AJ, so she feels big!


90 days

Happy 1/4 birthday~3mos~90 days to our baby
girl Stella.
You are our little sunshine that makes each day better!
I cannot thank God enough for giving us this little
miracle baby! It was a year ago that Joe and I were
trying to have another little one, and at times there
was little hope it would ever happen =(

Remember my schedule:
April 20th - Femara (Twice/day)
April 21st - Femara (Twice/day)
April 22nd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 23rd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 24th -Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 25th -Follistim 125 units
April 26th - Follistim 125 units
April 27th -Follistim 125 units
April 28th - Follistim 125 units
April 29th - Follistim 125 units
April 30th - NOTHING
May 1st - HCG injection


I prayed every single day that God would bless

us again....and sure enough He did =)

It wasn't the easiest pregnancy, but I would do it all
over again, in a second! I gave myself 5 injections of insulin
a day, which is nothing compared to the reward
of a healthy baby!

Thank you Jesus for giving us Stella Alyse!

Happy birthday Braxton

Remember this guy ? Well he just turned one!!!
I cannot believe how fast the little stinker
grew =) Here are a few pics from his awesome
birthday party!
He met his future wife Stella for the first time =) lol

Joe and Jared on "daddy duty"


Easter 2010

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating the resurrection of
our Savior Jesus Christ! It's such an awesome feeling to
know HE IS RISEN!!
We went to church Sunday at Providence and heard a great
sermon given by Shawn!
Here are a few pics before the service

Saturday we were going to go to the Gastoph Easter Egg
hunt, but it was raining so they had "meet the Easter bunny"
inside. Alli Jo did not want to go near him...but Grady (my
nephew) loved him!

Here are the kiddos getting ready for the Robinson annual
egg hunt! So much fun!


Hi Hi, Hi Ho. It's off to work I go..........

Yep, you read it right...I'm back to work =(
I started back April 1st, and no it wasn't a joke haha!
It was very difficult to leave my babies, I've become
really attached these last 11 weeks! Yes, Stella is
11 weeks old...can you believe it? WOW time is flying now!

Here are the two weeks before that I forgot to post

Work is going ok, not too bad. I know my prayers are working
b/c I feel God with me while I'm there. I come home on lunch
to see Alli Jo and Stella (Hunter's in school). Stella is always
grinning that toothless grin and Alli Jo is always hanging on
my leg, not wanting me to leave =(
God has a plan, and I'm sure there's a reason I am not staying
home right now. I trust Him!