Congrats to the Brower Family

I just heard through the grapevine that Tera & Jess had the baby!!!!!!!

Congrats guys!!!!!!!!!!


Hunter's 8th B-day!!!

We celebrated Hunter's 8th B-day
yesterday with her dad's family at
Chuck E. Cheese in E-ville. Both
Hunter and Alli Jo had a blast!!!!

Hunter & Chuck E.

Getting ready to blow out candle

Guess she really liked what she got :)

Grady man!

Alli eating some pizza!

The cake

Hunter and her step-brother.


Why I love being an aunt......

I love being an aunt....b/c you can SPOIL
your nieces and nephews to death!!!!!
This is my nephew Grady....we were
watching him the other night while mommy
was at work....Hee Hee

I gave him something he's never had before :)

Checkin it out

Man that's kind of good!!!

Of course Miss Princess had to have one!

Later on.....he has the greatest smile!


My baby is turning 8!!!!

Where on earth has the time gone???? My oldest is turning 8 on Sunday!!! I cannot believe how grown up she is! She will be starting 2nd grade at Barr Reeve this year!

Just thought I would share a little info about the pregnancy and birth of my first born......

I was very young when I had Hunter, most of you who know my age can do simple math & figure out that much LOL! I was struggling with so many things as a young woman I really just couldn't find "me". I had been a Christian since I was 12 and baptized.....and so I was no stranger to praying. One night I sat in bed bawling my eyes out....I had the end of it, I could no longer go on without God helping me! I prayed and prayed that "something" would happen that would change my life for the better.

I can't remember how much longer after I prayed, that I found out I was pregnant with Hunter. There were so many mixed emotions going through my head. I knew that I was so young and had NO clue how I would raise this precious baby on my own. Her dad and I had rough times and were on-again, off-again for over 3 years at the time! I remembered my prayer that night, and knew this must be what God had sent me.

On July 27, 2000 about 6am...I woke up and felt something in the bed like I had peed...it wasn't a lot so I didn't know if it was my water that broke or if I really just peed Ha Ha! So I went to my mom's room and told her. I started having some contractions, so we sat & timed them. Sure enough they were exactly the same time apart. My OB at the time was in E-ville, so we thought we better head that way!!!

I really didn't have a "plan" about if I would get drugs or not....but man did I start getting some hard labor. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about the epi....she said she had an emergency c-section she had to do and would be right back. Well while she was gone...Hunter decided to move down some more....by the time she came back it was too late I could not get the epi!!!! So I had to do the labor DRUG FREE!! I thought I would die LOL!! But I made it through it, with the help of my mom and Hunter's dad.

Hunter Love Emmons was born at 2:01pm, weighed 6lbs 9oz, and was 19in long! I will never forget that moment! She was my miracle from God!!!


My lil' model!!!

Alli Jo has become a little model lately.
When she wants me to take her picture
she'll say "cheese mommy". So I will go
and get my camera and start snapping
away lol!! This weekend I dressed her
up just to go to wal-mart...and she
wanted me to snap some pics......then
she started posing it was so stinkin cute!

Aunt Meggie

Told her to put hand on hip LOL

Tired of modeling, and sat down to watch tv!


God's Favor

God's favor is surrounding me! He has such great things for my future!!! He blesses me everywhere I go; work, stores, the highway, and even at home!!! I HAVE THE BLESSING OF GOD!!!!!!!


Praise the Lord...we have a front door!!!

Praise the Lord we have a front door!!! lol
It's not stained yet.....but next week we're
having it stained mahogany!

More siding up!!!

Another view of the siding (can u tell I love
my siding) Ha ha!!!

Leaving the house


Moving along....

Well the house is moving along really well!
They started putting up siding yesterday,
I'm so excited!! No more green wrap lol!!
The siding is called , Galcier Blue it's kind
of a blue-ish grey color. Today they are
putting in the rest of the exterior doors and
I think our columns should be in next Monday!!
I'm so ready to move in!! lol

Garage doors are in (yellow stuff is some wrap)

Close up of the siding

Steps going upstairs from main level

View of upstairs bathroom


New additions

Well we now have two new additions to our family

Meet Lola (Hunter's fish) & Swim (Alli's fish)


Graber Photo Shoot

Here is my most recent photoshoot. It was for a
newborn boy Carson Graber. He was the cutest
little thing! We got a few shots with his big sis


Holiday World 2008

Well Saturday was our annual company picnic at Holiday World. If you weren't outside & noticed Saturday it was 95+ degrees!!!! It was sooooooo hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! Alli Jo and I ended up leaving after only a couple of hours. I really didn't want to keep her outside very long, being that she was just in the hospital last week! Before we left she had the chance of riding a few rides......

My two babies being silly rabbits

Hunter going on the small version
of the liberty launch

Alli Jo on the carousel

Grady man, being such a good baby!!!!!

I love her face in this one