Holiday World 2008

Well Saturday was our annual company picnic at Holiday World. If you weren't outside & noticed Saturday it was 95+ degrees!!!! It was sooooooo hotttttt!!!!!!!!!!!! Alli Jo and I ended up leaving after only a couple of hours. I really didn't want to keep her outside very long, being that she was just in the hospital last week! Before we left she had the chance of riding a few rides......

My two babies being silly rabbits

Hunter going on the small version
of the liberty launch

Alli Jo on the carousel

Grady man, being such a good baby!!!!!

I love her face in this one

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Brenda said...

Sounds like it was hot, but fun! We are disappointed we missed it, but not sad about missing the heat! We were with my family floating in mom's pool and it was much easier on Matt's ankle! You got some GREAT pictures...as usual!