My lil' model!!!

Alli Jo has become a little model lately.
When she wants me to take her picture
she'll say "cheese mommy". So I will go
and get my camera and start snapping
away lol!! This weekend I dressed her
up just to go to wal-mart...and she
wanted me to snap some pics......then
she started posing it was so stinkin cute!

Aunt Meggie

Told her to put hand on hip LOL

Tired of modeling, and sat down to watch tv!


Armes Family said...

Those pics are so cute....Especially the "hip" picture!!

Brenda said...

LOL!!! Watch out!! Future model! She's so cute! Thanks for the smiles!!

Lacy said...

Alli Jo is so precious!! She looks so cute and darling in her pics. I bet she is a lot of fun!!