Have you ever doubted God's love for you?

When you are at your lowest, and there's no way out.....

Are you alone?

Is anyone there for you?

Watch this video....

And see how He has AMAZING love for even a woman caught
in the act of adultry that was about to be stoned.


keep me. protect me. share me.

Why I love being a photographer.........

Also here are a few of my videos from my blackberry.....

Hunter @ Dance Class (pink shirt, black shorts)

Here are some of the girls playing the Wii (Too funny)

Please ignore Alli crying, she was jealous b/c it wasn't
her turn on the Wii

My post

Sorry yesterday I had to delete the post about the
update on my mom. Mom wants to talk to our family
first about everything, so that someone doesn't
hear everything here first :) Understandable!

Basically I'll tell you mom still needs continuous
prayers. She goes back to a dr. on April 13th. That
is a big appt so keep praying we get good news on
that day! Thanks so much!!

I've been looking for comfort verses in the Bible.
Since I was a little girl when I'm going through
a storm, I would grab my Bible. Why? Well God
ALWAYS shows me something to help me through
that time! Whether or not it's just opening up the
Bible randomly or looking back on a verse I had
saved, that means something much more now. Well
here are few verses that I keep reading while
thinking of what my momma is going through.

Praise the LORD, O my soul,
and forget not all his benefits-
who forgives all your sins
and heals all your diseases,
who redeems your life from the pit
and crowns you with love and compassion,
who satisfies your desires with good things
so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.
-- Psalm 103:2-5 (NIV)

Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it;
I will heal my people and will let them enjoy
abundant peace and security.
--Jeremiah 33:6 (NIV)

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
and I will give thanks to him in song.
--Psalm 28:7 (NIV)


Thank you!!!!!!

WOW! I cannot believe the love that all my friends have
shown! It wasn't but minutes and I started receiving
comments that people were praying for my mom! I know
my mom will be in tears if she reads all your encouraging
words!! Thanks so much!!!

We got some GREAT news yesterday that the Dr. up @
St. Vincent can see her tomorrow (Thursday)!!! Mom
got a call probably right after I posted yesterday! So
Dr. Dawkins really got her the hook-up!! hahaha We
are so thankful she can see my mom that soon! My step-
dad will be taking her to the appointment tomorrow. I'm
sort of glad b/c I freak out over anything to do with my
mom having procedures or appointments LOL I can't help
it, I'm a momma's girl!

Anyways....if you have a second say a little prayer that we
will get some answers tomorrow!!!

God Bless,

P.S. Here is a picture of me & my momma @ my wedding :)


Calling all prayer warriors.......

My mom had a follow-up Dr. Appt today for her heart.
She had some test done last week, and she came back
today for the results & a follow-up. First of all,
she has an AMAZING cardiologist, Dr. Adam Dawkins.
He also happens to be my own current heart dr. I see
him for my tachycardia. I went to his dad, Phil before
he passed away.

For those of you who don't know, my mom had heart trouble
back around Thanksgiving (I think it was). They had to
rush her to the hospital b/c her heart beat was abnormal.
They did a catheter procedure and found out her heart is
beating with HALF the strength of a normal heart. She
was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, I believe.
Well, Dr. Dawkins said NOTHING has changed this entire
time! All the meds/rest she's done....and NOTHING!

So......he wants her to get a 2nd opinion on a treatment
he's thinking of doing on her. But he wants to send her
to his mentor/friend up at St. Vincent (I think)and make
sure she thinks the same thing would be best for my mom.
It's something to do with a Pacemaker device (not sure
the name) so that it will regulate the rate that her heart
beats. My mom's heart is beating irregular and if it
starts to be TOO irregular, she can be here one second and
gone the next!

So PLEASE keep her in your prayers!!! Please pray that
they find the right treatment for my mom! She has also
having trouble finding some meds that don't cause serious
side effect on her.

Until the next time.......


Kayla's Shower

Today we celebrated my best friend Kayla's upcoming
arrival. She is expecting a baby boy in April. We
had so much fun, and Kayla got a lot of great things!
Here are few pictures from the shower.....


Psalm 16:8

I have set the LORD always before me.
Because he is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.

-Psalm 16:8

I recently came accross this verse in the Bible.
One thing I struggle with is translating "what"
the verses mean. The key term for me that made me
read it twice was: "always before me." Which got
me thinking.... Hmmmm, do I always place God in
front? In high priority in my life? Nope, not
always. But I'm working on it.

Exodus 20:3 tells us, "You shall have no other gods
before me."

This verse is found in the Ten Commandments. In fact,
this is the very first commandment even listed. I believe
that there is something to be said as to why God lists
it first in terms of the commandments. There must be
something very important about placing nothing else
before God.

I was reading a blog the other day about priorities.....
When it comes to our priorities, how do we know what
is highest on the list? It’s easy to say, “My number one
priority in life is my family,” but if you continually put
family-time on the back-burner, can you really say it’s
your number one priority?

A person’s top priority in life is that thing, or person,
that he or she devotes himself to without fail. It’s the
thing that is always the underlying guide by which he or
she makes his or her decisions. If family is really number
one, then when it comes to choosing family-time or leisure
time by yourself, more often than not you’re going to choose

So, should God be our top priority in life, and if so, what
does that even mean to us? Should my husband or daughters
be a higher priority in my life than God? While they
should be a high priority, pleasing God is still more
important than pleasing my family…If I’m pleasing God, then
that means that I’m doing what is, in the long run, best for
my family anyways, since He does have their interests in mind.
God wouldn’t be pleased by me doing things that would hurt my
family. But, that doesn’t mean that at times either my family
or I won’t have to sacrifice a little bit of family time for
what God is asking us to do.

While I find being with Joe and the girls to be one of my top
priorities, I can give up time with them to go to Bible Study
or teach Sunday school— Those things I’d do, not because I like
the time away from my family, but because I believe that God has
called me to do those things as a part of my ministry (as a
Christian Disciple).

Spiritual growth is very important to me. Some days I wake up
& honestly have no idea how I can become closer to God. Well I
can start by making him my #1 priority. How though? Well
everyone is different. I can start by reading my bible or start
a devotional & read it first thing in the morning. Waking up
just 30 minutes sooner than I normally do....can I do that for
Christ? I hope so!

He made the ultimate endeavor for us when he came to this earth
as a man in the person of Jesus Christ. I was His ultimate
priority when He chose to die on the cross in place of ME — He
died for MY sins so that I wouldn’t have to suffer eternity
without Him. He made it easy enough to get to heaven, that all
I have to do is accept His gift of forgiveness and believe that he
truly is
the Son of God. He did all this because



Alli Jo

I'm dedicating this post to Miss Alli Jo. She's my youngest
and my baby :) She hasn't been feeling well so I thought I
would dedicate a blog to her.

Alli Jo is our little clown. I'm not sure how she comes up
with some of the stuff she does, but it definitely makes
our day! A recent story of something funny is this:
I was helping Alli get dressed in her room one day.
We had just got done watching American Idol...in which
she had danced and sang her heart out!

I was looking at her T.V. and said, "You know what Alli, I
bet you'll be on T.V. one day!". Without skipping a beat,
she looks at me, then points to the television and says,
"Oh mommy, I don't think I can fit in that tee bee"
(that's how she says tv, lol). I swear I just lost it! hahaha

I am so blessed to have two beautiful daughters! Besides
them both getting sinus infections and having small health
issues, they are generally healthy children. I thank God for
giving me my two precious angels!!

Here are a few pictures of my silly girl...........

She loves helping mommy!!

Of course she can do Wii Fit in high heels

She gets tired of mommy taking so many
pictures, lol

Loves to dance

Goofy girl


Grady Michael Zink

Saturday we celebrated my nephew's 1st b-day!
Grady was born February 13, 2008. I had the
privilege of being there at his birth, and I feel
so grateful! Grady is also not only my nephew,
but he’s my God Child. Aaron, Grady's father is
Catholic, so they baptized Grady Catholic....and I
had the honor of being his God Mother. I look
forward to the many talks I will have with Grady,
telling him how much our Father loves & adores

Here are a few pictures from the party! As you
can see, Grady didn't like that everyone was
looking at him & singing.....so he started bawling!!
It didn't help that he had an ear infection & fever...
poor thing!!

My BFF Kelly made the cakes, so adorable!


Celebrating Andon Joseph Richard Knepp!!

Today on my friend Courtney's Blog, along with many others,
we are linking together in honor of baby Andon. Even if you
don't know Chelsa, it's ok....we ask that you still celebrate life

Today was my nephew's 1st b-day party. I hugged him & my
girls just a little tighter, remembering that you don't know
when the last time is you will get to hug them. I also released
a blue balloon. I'll tell you what that balloon went on &
on & on.....I could see it for 10 minutes at least!!!

Andon you have the best mommy, daddy, and brother ever!
Your mommy hasn't hesitated once to pray for me, and I will
always do the same for her! I know you're watching over them
and keeping your big bro safe!!! You are not forgotten sweet angel,
I can't wait to meet you in heaven!!


In memory of Andon

Last week I posted about a dear friend Chelsa who lost her baby boy
Andon at 33 weeks gestation. Well another dear friend Courtney
has come up with a wonderful way to honor this precious baby!

On Valentines Day, we would like to invite everyone, everywhere
to celebrate little Angel Andon. Celebrate by showing us all how you
& your family enjoy life... by taking a walk, playing in your superman
cape, dancing to loud music, praying with one another. Please share
with us how you enjoy life in honor of the life lost. You can do this by
dedicating your post to Andon with pictures or journals of your day!
Court will try to get a link site so everyone can link their blog to hers
on Saturday. Let's see how many people we can get to celebrate this
beautiful little boy! If there is someone who does not have a blog but
wants to join in let them post to your site or she will open hers up to
anyone who sends her their journaling.

You can vistit Courtney's Blog HERE

God Bless!!!!

Sick kids, migraine, need some luck!

Well despite that today is Friday the 13th, I'm
hoping for some luck!!! Hunter has been sick
since last Sunday. She started with a high fever
around 104 degrees! I can't remember the last
time it was that high! Anyways, mom watched her
Monday and I went to work. Tuesday morning I had
a dr. appt and when I got back from E-ville, both
the girls were running fevers!! UGH So I stayed
home the rest of the day. I started getting a
migraine that day, but tried to ignore it so I
could take care of the girls. Well that made it
worse I guess...cuz then I got a full-blown
migraine the next day.

So yesterday Hunter seemed to feel a little better,
no fever...so I sent her to school....it wasn't but
10am the nurse called and said Hunter had been
coughing really bad in class and wasn't feeling well.
So I went and picked her up from school. I called
her dr. down in Jasper and they could get her into
the nurse practitioner at 2pm. So we waited at my
mom's so she could rest and then I took her down
there. We thought she might have pneumonia...but
after tests they think it's an upper respiratory
infection and she got an antibiotic and some cough
medicine to help her sleep at night.

Alli had only ran the fever on Tuesday, and she was
feeling better...I hope it doesn't get to her!!

I am still feeling the effect of my migraine on Wed.
I call it a migraine hangover...anyone who has had
a true migraine, knows exactly what I'm talking about!
So I'm just trying to get through today & then it's
the weekend and tomorrow is my nephew's 1st b-day party!

Today is my nephew Grady's actual b-day!! I cannot
believe he is 1 already!!! Happy b-day bubby!!!

Well till the next time.........


Weekend over

Well another "fast" weekend came & went!
Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party to go to,
so the day seemed to go so quick! That night Joe and
I decided to have a "date night". The girls went to
his parent's house and played while Joe and I grabbed
some Mi Pueblo and saw the movie "Bride Wars". It was
a cute movie!

Sunday we cleaned the house all day long!! I put up
all my uppercase living words, and today I can hardly
move haha! This coming Saturday we're celebrating
my nephews 1st birthday at our house. We're having
40+ people there, and I'm really wanting to get our home
in order before the guests arrive!!! Which meant cleaning
and finishing some trim work on our main level!! UGH

Well until the next time.......


Can't find your camera's USB cable????

One thing I hear a lot from friends & family is that
they can't upload their pictures from their camera
b/c they have lost their USB cable. Well honestly
I can't remember the last time I have even used my cable!

I use a card reader. In particular the
SanDisk SDDR-89-A15 ImageMate 12 in 1 Reader .

This card reader works out of the box. I didn’t have to
use the CD and install the drivers. Transferring photos
is fast and easy. It includes an optional stand (see photo below)
which saves space and lets you access the card reader

If you’re looking for a good external multimedia card reader,
I highly recommend the Sandisk ImageMate 12-in-1 card reader.
Check around on prices, you may even be able to fine one
at wal-mart. Prices range from $20-$30, well worth the hassle
of searching for that USB cable!!


Continous prayers for Chelsa

I ask that if you're reading my blog today,
please pray for my friend Chelsa. She is one of
the sweetest gals I know. Chelsa lost her baby
boy yesterday at 33 weeks. You can read the update
on The Knepp's blog, as her friend Misty has updated.

Lord, I ask that you comfort Chelsa and wrap your
arms around her harder than ever! I pray that she
feels your love surrounding her unconditionally!


Treadmill idea!

I got a treadmill back @ the beginning of winter.....and
I must admit (if you can't tell by looking at me) I haven't
got the chance to use it like I'd like to. But that is soon
going to change!!! I promise!

I was just reading one of my photog friend's blog, Kathy McCloy .
She had a post about a fellow blogger's
AWESOME IDEA CHECK IT OUT! Anyone that knows
me, knows that b/c of work & my photography I'm on the
computer several hours a day....this is so something I would do!

Prayers please

Please Pray for my dear friend Chelsa!

She was 33 almost 34 weeks pregnant and lost the baby this morning. Let's pray for God's arms to wrap around and comfort her like none of us can. Chelsa is one of the sweetest ladies I know. She was constantly praying for the other pregnant women in her life, and my heart aches for her today :(

For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name.

-Ephesians 3:14-15


Snow Day

I'm not quite sure why the weekends go by so quick,
but it seems like days go from Friday to Monday w a
blink of an eye! Most of the weekend we just chilled
out. Hunter was with her dad this weekend, and Joe
had to work Sat morning so Alli and I went over to my
mom's house and played Wii with my bro & sis.

Sunday after we picked up Hunter it was still nice out
(about 50 degrees) so I decided to let the girls play
out in the snow before we went to small group. Here
is a slide show from the fun time! You have to watch
the entire thing through just to see Hunter at the end
get snow in her mouth, haha!! PRICELESS!!!