Snow Day

I'm not quite sure why the weekends go by so quick,
but it seems like days go from Friday to Monday w a
blink of an eye! Most of the weekend we just chilled
out. Hunter was with her dad this weekend, and Joe
had to work Sat morning so Alli and I went over to my
mom's house and played Wii with my bro & sis.

Sunday after we picked up Hunter it was still nice out
(about 50 degrees) so I decided to let the girls play
out in the snow before we went to small group. Here
is a slide show from the fun time! You have to watch
the entire thing through just to see Hunter at the end
get snow in her mouth, haha!! PRICELESS!!!


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

I have been waiting to see some more pics of your sweet girls! Hunter not only got snowi n her mouth, but in her ears! She was in it! So cute to see Alli Jo love it so much too!

The Gingerich Family said...

I told Matt that he needed to take Grace out, yesterday. Now if he would have seen Joe out there playing too, he would have jumped and ran outside. Oh, Man. It looks like they had a blast and yesterday was a perfect snow day:O)

Ashley said...

Cute pictures! My two favorites, though, are the ones you have in your sidebar of your girls. How cute!