Sick kids, migraine, need some luck!

Well despite that today is Friday the 13th, I'm
hoping for some luck!!! Hunter has been sick
since last Sunday. She started with a high fever
around 104 degrees! I can't remember the last
time it was that high! Anyways, mom watched her
Monday and I went to work. Tuesday morning I had
a dr. appt and when I got back from E-ville, both
the girls were running fevers!! UGH So I stayed
home the rest of the day. I started getting a
migraine that day, but tried to ignore it so I
could take care of the girls. Well that made it
worse I guess...cuz then I got a full-blown
migraine the next day.

So yesterday Hunter seemed to feel a little better,
no fever...so I sent her to school....it wasn't but
10am the nurse called and said Hunter had been
coughing really bad in class and wasn't feeling well.
So I went and picked her up from school. I called
her dr. down in Jasper and they could get her into
the nurse practitioner at 2pm. So we waited at my
mom's so she could rest and then I took her down
there. We thought she might have pneumonia...but
after tests they think it's an upper respiratory
infection and she got an antibiotic and some cough
medicine to help her sleep at night.

Alli had only ran the fever on Tuesday, and she was
feeling better...I hope it doesn't get to her!!

I am still feeling the effect of my migraine on Wed.
I call it a migraine hangover...anyone who has had
a true migraine, knows exactly what I'm talking about!
So I'm just trying to get through today & then it's
the weekend and tomorrow is my nephew's 1st b-day party!

Today is my nephew Grady's actual b-day!! I cannot
believe he is 1 already!!! Happy b-day bubby!!!

Well till the next time.........


Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Love the lollipop pics. It made me want one really bad...but not to give Ayla one she'd have it ALL over her in .5 secs!

Lauren said...

praying for you guys!

Sonya said...

The lollipop pic's are so cute. Hope everyone is getting better. Have a wonderful weekend!

Abby said...

you poor thing.. that seems to be the case when you are wanting to get something done, someone gets sick! Hope you guys are feeling better.. and love those big blue eyes!

Tera said...

Hope you are all feeling better soon. Love the lollipop picture!

Audrey said...

Tell Grady we said Happy Birthday! He is such a cutie! Hope you all feel better soon!

Aimee Zobel said...

Hope you guys all get to feeling better! Sorry that we'll be missing Grady's party, we're going to be out of town this weekend but I will be sending a present over on Sunday!

Ashley said...

Hope your girls get better soon! Grady is a precious little boy! :)