Christmas Festivities 2010

Here are some pictures from our Christmas festivities. They are all mixed up, and I don't have time to fix them...so you get what you get HA HA! We are so blessed to have loved ones close by and everyone healthy this year!

Here are all the Robinson grandkids/great-grandkids
Thomas, Elise, Alison, Hunter, Casey, Alli Jo, and Stella
Passing out gifts at Grandma Cheryl and Papaw Dean's
Stella wearing Alli's Rapunzel wig
Opening gifts at Mamaw Nita's

Pretty much sums up our Chistmas 2010
Gift from the wife =)
Hunter opening her iPod touch
Traditional BINGO at the Eaton's
Stella walking ALL THE WAY to Aunt Kim
Intense playing, I tell ya!
Aunt Deanna with Stella

Gift from the kiddos
My sister Megan and my nephew Grady
(and she's expecting again, woo hoo!)
At our house, what a mess!

Getting spoiled some more!

Yep, she was spoiled just like a Princess!
Traditional PJ's for Christmas Eve from mommy & daddy


25 Days of Joy - Day 23

Love watching my baby girl laugh at the silliest things!
Like seeing "another baby" in the mirror =)

Elvis, Elvis, Elvis (Shaking my head)

I guess Elvis got stinky at the North Pole
Wednesday night LOL
Hunter left for her dad's last night for Christmas, I'm guessing
Elvis thought he'd have a chance to catch her fish....bad, bad Elvis!


25 Days of Joy - Day 22

Brings me JOY to see all the Christmas cards we received this year =) LOVED all of them, especially the ones with pictures =)

25 Days of Joy - Day 21

Watch my girls grow up & do big girl things,
bring me JOY!


BR Cheer Clinic 2010

Alli Jo had her first cheer clinic this past weekend.
I think it was Hunter's 4th time. Saturday they went to a
2 hour clinic where they learned cheers and had some fun
with the high school cheerleaders. Then last night they got
to cheer during the half time of the varsity game. I missed it
b/c I was a little under the weather, but Joe
recorded it for me =)

"He didn't even flush!"

Those were Alli Jo's words this morning LOL
How embarrassing for Elvis, to be caught
still on the potty, didn't even have time to
flush! (I will spare you the picture of what's
in the toilet) ha ha


Elvis, when do you sleep???

Oh Elvis, don't you ever sleep? You are constantly up to something!! This momma thought she knew it all (how to raise children)...but you are a step ahead of me every day!! The girls cannot wait to wake up and see where you're hiding ;)

You must have thought it was cold the day we had the
ice storm...here you are sipping hot chocolate!
You already know how to please the ladies!
What woman doesn't want to be in a hot tub
full of chocolate!!!

Took us ALL DAY LONG to find you up here....

Even longer when you were trying to

cool off in the freezer!

And who stole the cookie from the

cookie pile.......


25 Day of Joy - Day 20

25 Days of Joy - Day 19

No words really need to explain this JOY =)

Tried to get a picture of their aprons, as you can see the new "walker"
doesn't like standing still =)

25 Days of Joy - Day 18

Even though you can't see Joe in this picture (he's taking it)...it brings me such JOY to see him and Hunter bond. Although they can fight like brother and sister, at the end of the day they love each other like father and daughter!

25 Days of Joy - Day 17

Oh Stella, you are going to be more of a stinker than both your sisters combined! But...you bring me JOY with your little scheming antics.


25 Days of Joy - Day 16

It brings me great joy to introduce my niece or nephew, set to make his/her debut July 2011 =)


25 Days of Joy - Day 15

Well the first JOY of the day was getting a text from my boss that THE OFFICE IS CLOSED!! Who doesn't love when you DON'T HAVE TO GO TO WORK!!! Woo hoo!! We had a major ICE storm last night and most people can't even get out of their driveways.

So I'm living up the day today, having fun with my girls that bring me TONS of JOY!!! Love my babies =)

Playing limbo with mommy's backdrdop stand


Elvis and his antics....

Monday I woke up to see a light coming from our desktop computer....
turns out Elvis was up all night creating a facebook page.....I guess it's
true, EVERYONE is on facebook now =)

I guess Monday evening Mary and Joseph were out pretty
late, b/c Elvis ended up babysitting baby Jesus all night.
This is where we found him Tuesday morning....
And then this morning we caught him still in the train,
giving Sleeping Beauty and Rudolph train rides
(Polar Express perhaps?)

25 Days of Joy Day 13 & 14

Each day my girls take turns moving the nativity scene around.
(ok, ok..maybe mom does too!) It brings me JOY to see them have fun
with it. This is the picture BEFORE Jesus lost an arm &
the angel lost her wing!
Christmas trees always bring me great joy! And of course
my little helper does too ;)