Day 35

WOW 5 weeks already!
Last Wednesday Miss thing turned 5 weeks old!!
As if I didn't need to bring out my camera before....Stella
reached a BIG milestone and started to smile and coo
for REAL!
The more I talked to her the more the smiles came =)
It just melts my heart to look down and see her toothless
grin, grinning from ear to ear! I can be sleep-deprived to
the fullest and seeing her smile at me just makes it all
worth it!
Stella is still nursing every 3-4 hours. In the middle of the
night it's 3 hrs on the DOT! It's like she has a little alarm
clock going off! I'm looking forward to the long stretches
between feedings =)
We have been enjoying all of our days home together!
Hunter has been at school durning the week, but Alli Jo,
Stella and I have have been having a blast. If we're not
doing photo shoots (haha) we are reading or listening to music,
and recently "school" with Alli Jo. I have started to teach her
how to write her letters. She can already write her name, CAT,
and MOM. Along with the letters A,B,C,D,E so far =) It's so
amazing how fast she learns!
I will leave you with a few pics of Alli Jo...that is if you even
recognize her LOL


More than one photographer in the house???

With my oldest two girls, I regret not having enough
pictures of us together when they were babies. So
I begged Joe to take a few pics with me and Stella. He
was really nervous...I have no idea why LOL
Although if I were taking pictures for a photographer
I'd be a little anxious too! haha
But check them out...with a little bit of my photoshop
skilz, he did great!! We might just have another
photographer in the house!


Wouldn't you love........

To wake up to this every morning =)

Thank you God for my 3 blessings!!!


4 weeks

Gosh I hate to say it, but it's been 4 weeks =( Why am
I sad?? Well my baby is getting bigger and time is just
flying by! Before I know it my girls are going to be
out of the house, getting married =( I really want
to enjoy my time off work, but it's so hard just
thinking about leaving my babies again. Any tips on
not thinking about it??? lol
I am dreaming we hit the lottery and I can just be a
stay at home mommy =) But I guess I have to play
the lotto to win, right?? haha Any tips from SAHM,
on ways to live off one income feel free to leave a

Now on to the good stuff =)
Stella is growing, yes! She is starting to get a double chin!
haha So darn cute! She has moved out of NB clothes and
is now wearing 0-3mos. She has also moved up to size 1
diapers. She is becoming more alert, more often. She still
gets her days and nights mixed up a little, but we're workin
on it!

During belly time, Miss S does so well lifting her head!
Smiles are coming more and more now; especially when I talk
"baby talk" to her =) I could just eat her up! When she hears
her sisters, she turns her head right away to find them! She
absolutely loves their voices! She could be screaming and
then hears one of them talking and will stop right away!

We went to our first chiropractor appointment yesterday. I
am working with the chiro to help the reflux Stella has.
She slept great last night! I can tell she was feeling a lot better.
We go back next week to see how she's done.

The girls and I have been working on their V-day cards for
school. Alli thinks it's the coolest thing! I'm hoping the
reschedule their party for next week, b/c this week's class
got cancelled due to snow =( We all can't wait to celebrate
the day of "LOVE" with Stella for her very 1st holiday!!


21 days

So time definitely isn’t slowing down and my baby
is now 21 days old =(

I have enjoyed every second, minute, hour, and day
with this sweet angel. Just when you think your life
can’t get any better, God sends you a princess like
Stella =)

We’re still not on a set schedule and it doesn’t really
bother me, surprisingly. Those of you that know me
well, know that I am a planner and have to have things
go the way I want plan, or all heck breaks loose. But
for some reason Stella has allowed me to “let go” and
just let things happen. I don’t mind one bit that me,
Alli, and Stella just hang around in our PJs all day long!
In fact, Alli can’t stand to be in anything now except her
night gown or jamies! This would be the life, let me
tell ya!

The girls are still in awe and adore their baby sister.
Everyone in the house has to beg mommy to hold her b/c
I don’t let go of her often =)

Stella has a bit of acid reflux. So I don’t lay her down
flat or by herself often. She is always within sight. I
noticed “something” wrong the night we brought her
home from the hospital….she was regurgitating and
repeatedly swallowing after she ate, so it makes me
really nervous to leave her alone. I just purchased a ring
sling online and I can’t wait to get it! That way I can
keep her close and still go on with my every day chores

and life! I even got a child sling for Alli Jo to wear….so I
will have to post pics when they come in the mail.

Other than that she is doing great! Such a good baby =)