4 weeks

Gosh I hate to say it, but it's been 4 weeks =( Why am
I sad?? Well my baby is getting bigger and time is just
flying by! Before I know it my girls are going to be
out of the house, getting married =( I really want
to enjoy my time off work, but it's so hard just
thinking about leaving my babies again. Any tips on
not thinking about it??? lol
I am dreaming we hit the lottery and I can just be a
stay at home mommy =) But I guess I have to play
the lotto to win, right?? haha Any tips from SAHM,
on ways to live off one income feel free to leave a

Now on to the good stuff =)
Stella is growing, yes! She is starting to get a double chin!
haha So darn cute! She has moved out of NB clothes and
is now wearing 0-3mos. She has also moved up to size 1
diapers. She is becoming more alert, more often. She still
gets her days and nights mixed up a little, but we're workin
on it!

During belly time, Miss S does so well lifting her head!
Smiles are coming more and more now; especially when I talk
"baby talk" to her =) I could just eat her up! When she hears
her sisters, she turns her head right away to find them! She
absolutely loves their voices! She could be screaming and
then hears one of them talking and will stop right away!

We went to our first chiropractor appointment yesterday. I
am working with the chiro to help the reflux Stella has.
She slept great last night! I can tell she was feeling a lot better.
We go back next week to see how she's done.

The girls and I have been working on their V-day cards for
school. Alli thinks it's the coolest thing! I'm hoping the
reschedule their party for next week, b/c this week's class
got cancelled due to snow =( We all can't wait to celebrate
the day of "LOVE" with Stella for her very 1st holiday!!


Jamie said...

Think about the little adjustments that you could make - consignment clothes (I just found a cool shop near us and TJMaxx or other stores), store brand vs regular brand (thank you Target), extra accessories, etc. You'd also be saving money on gas, no need to buy work clothes, more time to cook and plan out a budget grocery shopping list, etc, etc. I'd say it's hard, but do-able if you have a chance to write down all your finances and assess what you spend money on during a month. Or, maybe just work like crazy and save up and then depend on your photography business to help suside the costs. I hate to say this, but maybe you could raise your photography prices a little bit to compensate for how much time you'll have to spend away from your family. Your worth the exta money ~ especially with how talented you are w/ photography! Good luck and enjoy the time. My suggestion .... just don't think about going back to work. That's what I did at first and it was horrible. I was only concerned w/ getting Ava on a schedule and sleeping patterns and didn't enjoy the first few months as much as I should have. Love hte new pictures!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

So cute and chubby! I love it. I need more pics please. Ok- thank you. Also- living on one budget is different for me and you bc the ages of our kiddos. But ultimately it takes looking at every bit you spend money on and knowing what you can switch around or do without. Life is good with babies :)

The Gingerich Family said...

You could see if your employer could keep you at part time. I love the days that I work,gives you alittle adult time and then gives you those days to spend with your lil ones (best of both worlds kinda thing). Also parents.com have a SAHM budget assessment tool that helps you see what/where you spend at and see if you can live on one income, but with photography that could help you with clothing, b-day gifts, christmas and stuff. If this is something that has been tugging at your heart and you feel that it's best for the family it is doable and it will all work itself out. Good Luck:)

The Gingerich Family said...

O'Yay, your girls are too sweet and I can't believe Stella is 4 weeks already.

Ashley said...

Enjoy your time with your girls and just take one day at a time! I know it would be awesome to be a stay at home mommy. Maybe you could just stick with photography and still stay at home with you kiddos?! You do an awesome job and it seems like your photogaphy business keeps growing:) Just maybe...!

Chelsa said...

well your post made me cry b/c i already feel this way! i have told ryan all day that the days are just going by wayyy too fast and i am already dreading leaving the boys and going back to work. if you figure out hwo to do it let me know! lol. i can't believe stella is 4 weeks old already! she is such a cutie!