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Alli's B-day Party 6.27.09

This past weekend we celebrated Alli's 3rd bday!
I cannot believe my baby is not so much a baby anymore :( She wanted to have a princess party....so we rented a princess bouncy castle from Heritage Rentals in Vincennes. It is so worth the money! The kids had a blast!! If you want to compare this year and last year...click HERE. to see my blog post from last year :)
We started off with some BBQ food (YUMMY). I was really proud of Joe and myself for actually doing everything but desert ourselves (thanks Kay). We started on time preparing the food (Alli was taking a nap so it made it easier). After food, we sang Happy Birthday to Alli Jo. After some cupcakes, Alli opened her gifts. She got some GREAT things, including make-up...which just shows me how much she is truly growing up :(
After the fun of opening gifts, we all headed out to the big bouncy castle. They kids had a blast! We had to watch them closely b/c it was so HOT they didn't want to stop bouncing haha!
It was a GREAT turn-out!


Happy 3rd Birthday Alli Jo!

Today is my baby girl's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it's been 3 years since she blessed our lives with her presence.
Some lil’ know facts about Alli Jo

*She is SO loving to everyone, and so kindhearted. She has so much love for her family. She is the sweetest little sister ever and is always ready to help! She loves to follow mommy everywhere to see if she needs help. She loves friends and loves to play. She loves to give hugs and kisses when we least expect it, and not when we ask for them!

*She is so silly and very energetic and has such a funny personality. She loves to joke around and play silly games and giggle. She also loves to be in the spotlight and will do a good job catching your attention!

*When she prays, it melts my heart. I just love it. Her baby sitter Audrey taught her the “God is good and God is great” prayer. She always reminds mommy it’s time to pray before we eat! She also prays for things concerning her family, and Jesus. If you ask her where Jesus is, she won’t hesitate to tell you He is in her heart! It is so cute to hear her pray and each night we smile when we hear the sweet thing she prays for!

*She loves being a princess and a diva (hence the bday party theme).

*She loves to sing and dance! We would have dance parties everyday if we could! She loves to sing too! Her favorite CD is the Veggie Tales CD in the car!

*She loves watching movies upstairs in the theatre room. Right now her favorites are Bolt and Bedtime Stories. Tinkerbell is one of her favorite movie characters!

*She loves to read too. She has tons of books and could read all day long.

*Her toy she can’t live w/out is her Dora baby! This goes with her everyday to her sitters house!

*She loves to learn, and she is a quick learner!

*She has a very good imagination. Such a good imagination that we’re not sure if the stories she tells us are true! She will be so serious and if we laugh, she will say, "Don't laugh!"

*She is very artistic and loves to draw, paint, color, do craft projects and be creative!
Here's a little slideshow of her past 3 years


Rollins Sneak Peek

Some of my returning clients....but most of all my great friends...
The Rollins Family!
We had a blast, despite the 90 + degree weather...YUCK!
Brynnlee was absolutely adorable...and had a new, fun personality this year!!


Peanut is growing!!!

I had my first OB appointment with the doctor today! Last time it was with the nurses. It was pretty routine....asked me about my nausea....it has been horrible (to me anyways, I know it could be worse). Last week they prescribed me something and it has been helping A LOT! My BP was great today, and they did another ultrasound to see if we could see/hear the heartbeat on my belly this time...and we could!! YAY!! It was beating at 170 today.
I can tell our "peanut" is growing already!!!



Visitors :)

We have some visitors this week, and I can't stop smiling!!! My niece Jacie and nephew Aaron are visiting from Atlanta for 3 weeks!!!! We only get to see them about once a year, so when we do see them....we don't want to let go!!
Here are the cousins from tallest to shortest (and oldest to youngest).
Aaron, Jacie, Hunter, Alli Jo, and Grady

The Three Amigos
My nephew is growing up so fast, he will be a freshman this coming school year.
I made him sit for a few photos....ladies watch out!!!
My little skater boy......
Lil bit of attitude, ha!
More pictures soon to come...........



The other day after the girls found out about being big sisters.....
we decided to go and celebrate.
We went to eat at Bucktail Lodge and then went to play some put-put golf.
I think Alli Jo had been last year, but she didn't remember......
and let me tell you it was quite entertaining!
Hunter loves any competitive sport, but doesn't like losing (we are working on that).

Here's Hunter showing us how to hit a hole-in-one (she hit two that day)!
Alli Jo trying to get her form right
Joe showing us how the Pro's do it
Alli, cheating just a little bit
One of the funniest times.....Alli hitting her ball in the
water so that she can run and try to beat it to the hole hahaha!!!


Don't you just want to squeeze......

Her little cheeks!!!!!!
What a cutie pie!! Once I saw my friend Amanda's little girls....I knew I must take their pictures!! They are stinkin ADORABLE!!!

Derek and and I graduated high school together. It's so neat to see classmates all grown up and taking care of their kiddos! These girls definitely have him wrapped around their tiny fingers!



I just wanted to thank everyone for all the sweet comments! Our family is so blessed to know each and every one of you! I couldn’t think of a better time to bring another Robinson baby into this world than now! And believe it or not I love hearing everyone’s comments about us having a 3rd child, whether it’s good or bad. One of the SWEETEST, most touching comments I received from a good friend was, “What a lucky baby!!”. Wow, how humbling that statement made me feel. I never really look at my life as my children being lucky to have me as their mother. I guess I just always look at how blessed my family makes me feel! So to hear an outsider’s view of me as a mom was really nice!
I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions. And I’ve never really been shy before, so I’ll share some of those. Many have asked if we were trying for another one. I think it’s a common question asked when someone announces pregnancy, and I don’t mind answering. I feel as though I started this blog to not only record my life and show how God has blessed it, but to help others that read about my story.
Joe and I have been trying for quite some time actually. I think it’s going on a year. I don’t know necessarily if we were doing everything possible that entire year, but we’ve been ready for over a year to have an addition to our family. With Alli, we didn’t have any issues. We decided when we got married in Sept of 2005, that if it happened…it happened and we’d let God decide when. Well…..I got pregnant in October!! LOL So what an interesting first year of marriage that made haha!
This time it was a little different. I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Basically my main symptom was that I wasn’t ovulating. So that being said, I knew it was going to be difficult to conceive this time around. My OB/GYN decided to try some Clomid, to induce ovulation. We tried 3 cycles. In my case it did not work. During those three months working with my OB, I would start the Clomid on day 3 of my cycle and then I would go into his office on day 12 to check for ovarian follicles . The follicle needed to be mature enough, or he could tell I was not going to be ovulating. Each time I would have several small follicles, but no BIG one that would indicate ovulation. (Now remember I’m not a Dr so my wording and medical terminology may be incorrect).
So in January I started seeing a fertility specialist. His plan was to start me on some follistim injections. With these treatments the cycles are every-other month. So for example I had a cycle of the injections in February, and it didn’t work. So we skipped the next month and had no medication. And then went to April, which was my 2nd cycle of the injections. And I got pregnant! This is sort of what my schedule looked like:
April 20th - Femara (Twice/day)
April 21st - Femara (Twice/day)
April 22nd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 23rd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 24th -Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 25th -Follistim 125 units
April 26th - Follistim 125 units
April 27th -Follistim 125 units
April 28th - Follistim 125 units
April 29th - Follistim 125 units
April 30th - NOTHING
May 1st - HCG injection

I got really sick with the 2nd round of injections. I think my hormones were just going nuts! I got a horrible migraine for four days (you probably remember me writing about it) and I was getting my heart palpitations again. Well that all went away after that week, thank God! I honestly don’t know if I could have done another round of treatments if we had to.
Saturday, May 16th was when I was due for a visit from AF. Well I thought what the heck.....so I took one of the pregnancy tests I had left from last time.....and it was POSITIVE! I almost didn't believe it!! So the next day I went to CVS and got another test and it said POSITIVE! I still didn’t believe it......so the next morning I took another one (yes I am crazy) and it indeed said POSITIVE!! I cannot even describe how excited, but scared I was. I think b/c we had been trying for so long, it just doesn’t seem real.
I had my first nurse’s appt on June 4th. That’s when I got to see my little miracle. I cannot believe I could already see the heart beating……it truly shows you how much of a TRUE miracle a baby is from CONCEPTION! I mean how else can something be only 5/8 of an inch big and have a heartbeat!! Truly miraculous! Thank you Jesus!
We told our girls about the pregnancy, and the both were very excited! Alli Jo has asked a million questions already. Where is the baby? Let me see the baby! Why can’t I see the baby? Where does the baby come out? Why is the baby in your stomach?
Every day she cracks me up even more. She told me yesterday that she needed to see the baby now! I told her that the baby isn’t ready to come out that we have to wait until it’s ready and then go to the hospital. 10 minutes later….she then informed me it was time to go to the hospital and have the baby LOL!!
Well I’m sure I’ll have more questions and answers as well as some humor to this pregnancy soon!
Until the next time……


New shirts..........

We had some surprises for the family this weekend.....
Hunter is going to be a BIG SISTER AGAIN....and Alli Jo gets to be a BIG SISTER for the 1st time!!
I am due January 21st! It will be interesting to have a winter baby, since I already have two summer sweeties :)


Avery Sneak Peek

One of the sweetest babies ever, Miss Avery! This is Hunter's newest cousin. When Hunter found out she was going to have another girl cousin she was so excited!!! Avery's momma is like a sister to me and always will be! She has also been a return customer of mine since the birth of her son Austin who is now 2! I love them all so much!! Here are a few sneak peeks at what we took of her when she was a little over a week old.

No more pictures please :)


Summer Fun

Hunter's g-ma gave us their pool this year, b/c they are making room for a new swingset. We were so excited....by "we" I mean the girls and I LOL Joe is not much of swimmer or pool kind of guy so he wasn't jumping for joy at the thought of putting it up ha, ha! But we made a deal if he put it up, then he could go play golf on Sunday :) As you can see the pool is up! And yes, I let him play golf!