Happy 3rd Birthday Alli Jo!

Today is my baby girl's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it's been 3 years since she blessed our lives with her presence.
Some lil’ know facts about Alli Jo

*She is SO loving to everyone, and so kindhearted. She has so much love for her family. She is the sweetest little sister ever and is always ready to help! She loves to follow mommy everywhere to see if she needs help. She loves friends and loves to play. She loves to give hugs and kisses when we least expect it, and not when we ask for them!

*She is so silly and very energetic and has such a funny personality. She loves to joke around and play silly games and giggle. She also loves to be in the spotlight and will do a good job catching your attention!

*When she prays, it melts my heart. I just love it. Her baby sitter Audrey taught her the “God is good and God is great” prayer. She always reminds mommy it’s time to pray before we eat! She also prays for things concerning her family, and Jesus. If you ask her where Jesus is, she won’t hesitate to tell you He is in her heart! It is so cute to hear her pray and each night we smile when we hear the sweet thing she prays for!

*She loves being a princess and a diva (hence the bday party theme).

*She loves to sing and dance! We would have dance parties everyday if we could! She loves to sing too! Her favorite CD is the Veggie Tales CD in the car!

*She loves watching movies upstairs in the theatre room. Right now her favorites are Bolt and Bedtime Stories. Tinkerbell is one of her favorite movie characters!

*She loves to read too. She has tons of books and could read all day long.

*Her toy she can’t live w/out is her Dora baby! This goes with her everyday to her sitters house!

*She loves to learn, and she is a quick learner!

*She has a very good imagination. Such a good imagination that we’re not sure if the stories she tells us are true! She will be so serious and if we laugh, she will say, "Don't laugh!"

*She is very artistic and loves to draw, paint, color, do craft projects and be creative!
Here's a little slideshow of her past 3 years


A Preemie Momma said...

Happy Birthday Alli Jo!!!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

blogger rarely lets me comment on ur page! ugh. anyway, happy bday lil alli. shes gonna be a great big sister! also ur recent shoots were great!

Abby said...

happy birthday big girl

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Ali Jo! Here's another little prayer my three liked to say when they were 3!

A,B,C,D,E,F,G thank you God for feeding ME! (tune of the ABC's)

Know that Jesus always hears your sweet little prayers!

Leah-Love your new blog title!

Chelsa said...

b loves the abc prayer too that susie put on here!