Back to work

I had a few people ask me what in the world happened to me LOL I had not blogged in a week and they were getting worried haha!
Well besides having one of the worst sinus infections ever.....Hunter's bday was this past weekend. So I had to prepare for that while I was dying LOL
I am feeling much better now (besides the morning sickness still here).

Here is a slideshow from Hunter's bday fun!

She had her first slumber party Saturday night then Sunday we had a "family" party. Alli Jo even had a little friend spend the night so she wouldn't feel left out....needless to say mommy was very wore out!


Aren't They Lovely: Sweet Essence Photography

When Lauren AKA "That Girl" contacted me to shoot her nieces....I was beyond excited! Just take a look for yourself; aren't they LOVELY?


Holiday World 7.18.09

Saturday we went to my company's picnic at Holiday World. The weather was awesome for a preggo LOL! Like 75 maybe! It was a little chilly at the waterpark...but the girls had to go!
Here are some pictures from our adventure!


Pregnancy - Day 92

Well I’m officially in my 2nd trimester. Woo Hoo! Today I’m 13 weeks and 1 day (92 days)! This first trimester has gone by so fast!

Today I had an OB checkup. I was lucky to have Tera see me today. She is so sweet! Everything is going great, my BP is good and I think I might have lost a couple lbs (darn morning sickness). I am to stop taking my Metformin (take it for the PCOS) but don’t need it now. So that is two less pills I have to take…..I just take my BP med (for my heart palpitations) and prenatal vitamins. Tera tried to see if we could hear the heartbeat over my stomach with the Doppler, but I’m still too early so we did another ultrasound to hear the heartbeat. Which meant I got to see peanut again (never a bad thing) Hee hee!!

Here is the picture from the last time, I was about 9 weeks along

Here is the picture from THIS time, I am 13 weeks and 1 day! Look how much baby has grown!!

And no the ultrasound isn't upside down....baby is LOL

He/She is standing on it's head! haha Baby was kicking and moving

it's arms really fast! (I might have had a little caffeine at lunch)

Well till the next time!


Baby Show 2009

Sunday my nephew Grady was in the Martin Co baby show.
He did so good! He was all smiles! He ended up getting
3rd place in prettiest boy! We are so proud of him :)

My good friends Sarah and Lacy with their sweet winners :)
Miss Bailee
Grady with his ribbon
Hunter had to ride the horse

The baby colt followed the momma around :)


Pregnancy - Day 83

Well today is day 83 of my pregnancy, tomorrow I will be 12 weeks. That sounds much better than 197 days to go haha! A lot has changed once we got that positive test! I was reading my good friend's blog and she was journaling some of her pregnancy highlights and I didn't want to forget baby #3.

My last dr. visit was 6/19. Everything went great. They checked for the heartbeat, by doing an ultrasound on top my belly. So not only did I get to hear the heartbeat...I got to see it on the screen. I could listen to the heartbeat ALL DAY! It is SUCH a relief to just hear that heart beating so steadily. It takes much fear away, but there's always that voice that says "what if?" in the back of my head. I try my hardest to leave it all to God. The reality is that I have no control over it (well some) but ultimately He is in control. I trust Him! The fears are finally turning into excitment!
We've started talking about names (which hopefully you voted over to the side). Names are quite humorous in our household. The girls LOVE to help us pick names. I remember Hunter suggesting Alli Jo when I was preggo with Alli....and well it grew on me :) We were watching a show on tv the other day and a boy named Rylan came on....Hunter and I looked at each other and said "yeah!!" We both loved it! I text Joe and he liked it too! The other two names Greyson and Liam, I've liked for a while...Joe just isn't too set on either of them. So most likely if we have a boy his name will be Rylan. Now for the middle name.....UGH! Girl's names aren't as difficult for me. I think Joe is so set on having a boy he doesn't care what I pick out for a girl name ha! He does like Sofia better than Stella, but I like Stella better than Sofia....so we shall see if we have to choose :)
Emotionally and physically I am changing already. I have made it through the 1st trimester w/out gaining any weight. I have been too sick with morning sickness! I am glad I'm not losing weight though. My morning sickness still comes and goes....some days I only have to take one of my pills and others it seems as though I'm taking them as soon as that 6 hours between pills is up!! Some days I'm not hungry at all b/c I'm so nauseous and other days I can't stop eating LOL So I've been pretty balanced thus far. Emotionally I think I'm hilarious. I will cry over anything. I can't even watch Dr. Phil b/c I will start bawling over stupid stuff. I have to change the channel when those animal rescue commercials come on. Joe just laughs b/c I was the same way with Alli Jo. Besides the crying I also laugh intensley. There are sometimes I can't stop laughing and I laugh until I cry....I cannot control it at all. The first time I did this Joe was scared. He didn't know if I was laughing or crying. He didn't know if he should come hug me or laugh with me LOL So he just stared at me until I could talk. I laugh just thinking about it :)
We are all 4 so excited for baby to get here! These next 6 or so months can't come any faster! Alli Jo is constantly hugging my belly and asking where the baby is. Hunter told me the other day she couldn't wait until the baby started to kick! Which was exactly what I was thinking the same day...I kept wondering how early Alli started to kick (I can't remember). Joe loves to talk about our future! Although I think he pictures a boy instead of a girl...so we shall see what God has planned :)


Great 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July weekend...despite the rainy Saturday!

Friday night we got to go see the movie Ice Age 3! It was hilarious as expected! I seriously laughed so hard at one spot, I couldn't stop!

Saturday, we had my mom, step-dad, sister, and nephew Grady come over. We played a little Wii and then watched the fireworks. They also got to splay with the sparklers (of course we were careful).
My cutie pie nephew Grady

The cousins

Megan showing Grady the sparkler
Alli having fun!
Hunter posing as the Statue of Liberty

Grady on Uncle Joe's new ride
Hunter being goofy
Megan and Grady again

Sunday was pretty relaxed! Joe let me take a much needed nap and he took the girls golfing. Joe said Hunter did really well and that she has a lot of potential to be a great golfer! Alli on the other hand (being 3) didn't have much interest in doing it herself...she just wanted to follow daddy around and carry his clubs! So maybe she has a future at being her sister's caddy haha! Sunday night the crew went and saw Transformers. Joe has been dying to see this movie and I have too, so we all went! Since Alli didn't have a nap...she fell asleep w/in 5 minutes haha! Good times!


Jeffers cutie!

Check out this little cutie Ava!
She was welcomed home by her big brother Leighton
and her mommy and daddy, Lacy & Josh. I get
so excited when Lacy calls to do a session. I've done 3 for them so far and
I have a blast every time!


I saw this prayer request on a blog I follow and I wanted to pass it on!
With having two daughters myself, I cannot even imagine what her parents are going through!

This is Kate - isn't she beautiful????On Monday - her parents took her to the doctor for some hand tremors she was having and now they are faced with a very aggressive, malignant brain tumor that is wrapped around the major blood vessels that feed the brain. She is having surgery tomorrow. They can not remove all of the tumor because of where it is. Please pray for her. http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mcraekate