Great 4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July weekend...despite the rainy Saturday!

Friday night we got to go see the movie Ice Age 3! It was hilarious as expected! I seriously laughed so hard at one spot, I couldn't stop!

Saturday, we had my mom, step-dad, sister, and nephew Grady come over. We played a little Wii and then watched the fireworks. They also got to splay with the sparklers (of course we were careful).
My cutie pie nephew Grady

The cousins

Megan showing Grady the sparkler
Alli having fun!
Hunter posing as the Statue of Liberty

Grady on Uncle Joe's new ride
Hunter being goofy
Megan and Grady again

Sunday was pretty relaxed! Joe let me take a much needed nap and he took the girls golfing. Joe said Hunter did really well and that she has a lot of potential to be a great golfer! Alli on the other hand (being 3) didn't have much interest in doing it herself...she just wanted to follow daddy around and carry his clubs! So maybe she has a future at being her sister's caddy haha! Sunday night the crew went and saw Transformers. Joe has been dying to see this movie and I have too, so we all went! Since Alli didn't have a nap...she fell asleep w/in 5 minutes haha! Good times!


Sandy said...

wow is that your sister? Twins? Good pictures, you're nephew is a cutie pie!...I'm SO going to have to watch the Ice Age movie...might be a date night! Sounds good to me!

Leah Robinson said...

Nope, not twins...but we do get asked that ha! She is 15mos younger :)

You must go see the movie...maybe I just needed to get out of the house...but I thought it was hilarious!

Amy S said...

I thought to WOW they look EXACTLY alike!!! Pretty girls!!! Have not seen any of the movies yet---we really arent movies goers--we kinda wait till they come out. I like going but - always seem to miss them ha

Chelsa said...

you and your sister do look alike! brycen wants to see ice age three soooo bad! your girls and nephew too are soooo stinkin cute!