Pregnancy - Day 92

Well I’m officially in my 2nd trimester. Woo Hoo! Today I’m 13 weeks and 1 day (92 days)! This first trimester has gone by so fast!

Today I had an OB checkup. I was lucky to have Tera see me today. She is so sweet! Everything is going great, my BP is good and I think I might have lost a couple lbs (darn morning sickness). I am to stop taking my Metformin (take it for the PCOS) but don’t need it now. So that is two less pills I have to take…..I just take my BP med (for my heart palpitations) and prenatal vitamins. Tera tried to see if we could hear the heartbeat over my stomach with the Doppler, but I’m still too early so we did another ultrasound to hear the heartbeat. Which meant I got to see peanut again (never a bad thing) Hee hee!!

Here is the picture from the last time, I was about 9 weeks along

Here is the picture from THIS time, I am 13 weeks and 1 day! Look how much baby has grown!!

And no the ultrasound isn't upside down....baby is LOL

He/She is standing on it's head! haha Baby was kicking and moving

it's arms really fast! (I might have had a little caffeine at lunch)

Well till the next time!


Armes Family said...

I'm sure I see a boy part!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Congratulations Leah! That is sooo exciting. I loved getting to see the baby as it was growing! Lots of love your way!!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Yowza. Baby has grown! How fun. It may or may not have made me miss being pregnant. DOn't tell my husband. hahah

Ashley said...

Little peanut has GROWN!! Made it to 13 weeks. Woo hoo!!

Abby said...

awesome leah.. pregnancy is such a GOD THING.... miracles!

Tera said...

Aww! Thank you, Leah. I love the comparison pictures. So glad baby is doing well...yeah for 2nd trimester!

Amy S said...

AWE!!! Cant wait for you! hope morning sickness is better soon!!!!

PS Glad you liked Alberts pictures!!! :) meeeee toooooo