Back to work

I had a few people ask me what in the world happened to me LOL I had not blogged in a week and they were getting worried haha!
Well besides having one of the worst sinus infections ever.....Hunter's bday was this past weekend. So I had to prepare for that while I was dying LOL
I am feeling much better now (besides the morning sickness still here).

Here is a slideshow from Hunter's bday fun!

She had her first slumber party Saturday night then Sunday we had a "family" party. Alli Jo even had a little friend spend the night so she wouldn't feel left out....needless to say mommy was very wore out!


Ashley said...

You have been busy with birthdays lately! Where do you get your blow up things?! Alli and Hunter's were soo cute and fun looking! I seen Hunter got roller blades....brought me back to memories when I was younger. I didn't know if kids liked roller blades anymore or not. I know I loved mine!Sorry to hear you have been feeling bad:(

Mandi Knepp said...

Sorry you were feeling bad... Andre gets bad sinus infections and he has expressed how yucky they are! Looks like Hunter had a good birthday!

Amy S said...

awesome!!! looks like fun
hope you get over the morning sickness soon--thats the worst.

Abby said...

good to have you back Leah.. i do miss your updates. :) I know the summmer is sO busy!

Chelsa said...

i've been missing your updates too! i'm sorry you're still sick :( that's not fun at all.