Steiner Sneak Peek: Sweet Essence Photography

It's so nice every now and then to take a break from chasing
around toddlers :) Don't get me wrong, little ones are some of
my favorite subjects to shoot b/c they're so unpredictable!
But it's much easier to have kids who will do exactly what you
say (for the most part) haha!
This family was so cute! The kids were adorable,
I know that they probably are the age where they don't want
to hear that...but they were!!!
I had to tease Miss Emma b/c she is a Cubs fan,
and we all know that I'm a big Cardinals fan.....
the poor girl didn't have anyone to defend her
b/c dad and bro are Reds fans LOL
Here's a little sneak peek:

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Sandy said...

great pictures, can't wait to see the rest!....oh and you can't make as many copies that you want haha :-D