Cuteness: Sweet Essence Photography

I'm not sure you can get any cuter then this!!
My best friend Kayla (Aunt Kaywa as Alli Jo says it)
asked me to take some family pictures of them now that
their peanut Braxton is 4 mos old! I cannot believe how
much he has grown! He is such a ham now!! Here's just
a few sneak peeks...I did get some of daddy too, just don't
have them edited yet...so I will post more down the rd!


The Gingerich Family said...

Aww, it's Baxchin, as Izabelle calls him. She is such a cutie, always smiling when I see him.

Abby said...

love them, he is the cutest littl guy.. we love him too!

Sandy said...

LOVE THEM! I bet Kayla loves them too!! Braxton is just so stinkin adorable it's not even funny!

Amy S said...

your awesome girl!!love the pics.

Armes Family said...

Sooo gooooood....I cant wait to see the rest!!!