Pregnancy - Day 112

Today I am 16 weeks pregnant!! Woo hoo...four months!
These first few months have gone by so fast! I think it's mostly b/c it's
the summer and summer always goes so quick
(except when you're 8 mos preggo haha)!
Many things are different in my 3rd pregnancy....
I look like I'm 6 mos preggo or bigger LOL
I am already doing the waddle
I've felt stretching a lot sooner
Still have a lot of nausea (morning sickness)
Lots of sinus trouble (common for preggos)
Haven't gained any weight yet (but I am eating so don't worry)
Next Friday is my next OB appt. I can't wait...
I always love hearing peanuts heartbeat!!! I'm hoping Joe
can come with me this appointment b/c it will be his last time
he can come to an appointment...due to transfering Bender locations :(
Maybe doc will let us do an ultrasound to see gender.....
one can always hope!


The Gingerich Family said...

What no pictures of this little peanut? I am glad that everything is looking good:) You guys are our only hope for breaking this girl cycle, so we hope you will be able to find out next time.

Abby said...

How exciting.. Number three was different for me too.. the stretching and pressure started EARLY!

Ashley said...

I hope Joe can go the appointment also!! The whole time he will probably be thinking boy, boy, boy! haha. I know if it is a girl he will still be one happy daddy:) Just our numbered!!

Jamie said...

My body def. felt different the 3rd time around. My poor body doesn't know what to do with itself now that I am not pregnant. That's all its known for the last 5 years. BTW, where is Joe transferring to? Hope all goes well! Good luck at your next dr.'s appt.

Brittany said...

Glad things are going well! Minus the sickness which will hopefully go away soon!!!

Mandi Knepp said...

Your doing great girl! Just keep, keeping on. Its good to know that the third pregnancy is different! I will keep that in mind in a couple of years!

Chelsa said...

glad to hear an update on you! hope you get to feeling better soon!