I offically have a Kindergartener!

No words really to say...my baby is growing up :( This morning she woke up and said, "Gosh I can't believe I'm graduating!" LOL She cracks me up! Then she said later, "Mom, I used to be a baby...remember that? Now I'm big and I'm not even standing on my tip toes!" ahhhh Alli Jo, I love you to Jesus and back (that's her saying) =) MWAH!

 Before school opening card from Mamaw =)



It's hard to believe AJ has started t-ball already. She is probably one of the smallest out there, it cracks me up! The helmet doesn't fit at all...as you can see in the pictures LOL The first game she was running to first base and the first basemen tagged her really hard (too hard) and the entire crowd was like "oh!!".  So I waited for it.....and sure enough here came the water works.  She started SCREAMING for me.  I couldn't get up b/c I had Stella....so the coach just lifted her up over the fence ha ha!  But she got back out there! 

So cute!!!


Dress Rehearsal

I've been busy, imagine that...ha ha! Girls have their dance recital this week. Last night we had dress rehearsal, here are a few pics =)