Happy anniversary to my man!!

Well it's not exactly our anniversary yet (it's next week). But I couldn't wait to give him his gift, so I gave it to him last night =)

Now I did edit the top of these b/c it had our exact address on it and I didn't wan the entire blog world to find me LOL So That is the black space at the top =)

If you are interested in buying one customized for your loved ones, check out my friend Beth's etsy store!! She is the one who made this for us. I wasn't sure what Joe would think (being a guy) but he LOVED it! He loved how I put thought into all the fun and cool things about us. He sat there forever looking at it =)

Click HERE for Beth's etsy store!


Hard at it......

Well like they say, there is no rest for the weary. Life goes on despite the fact I'm beat!!! And so is this little stinker...

Here she is with her daddy's hat...she's such a daddy's girl!
Somebody else is a daddy's girl also!
Seriously, can't I get 1 picture where y'all are serious???
Stella pulling AJ's hair
Guess who started swimming lessons??? Miss AJ! Here are a couple pics from her first class a couple weeks ago. She would not even let go of the teacher! She was terrified! I will have to post some more of now, b/c Tuesday night she swam w/out a noodle and w/out a teacher!! That's my girl!

Last weekend we went over to visit with our dear friends, The Smith's. We always have a good time over there! Miss A and Miss S are only 5 weeks apart, aren't they the cutest!!
Stella doesn't want her to get away LOL
We even got pampered with some paraffin wax treatments

Even the boys.........

This Year Hunter started 4th grade!! I can't believe how fast time goes now that I have 3 kiddos. It seems like it just flies by!
Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Lengacher
At her desk....
Showing me how she can open her locker...
Such a sweetie!


Where have my babies gone????

I'm not sure when it happened, but my little babies have gone and been replaced with these beautiful young ladies!!

Alli Jo cracks me up, literally ever single day! I almost can't wait to hear what she's going to come up with next! She is always one step ahead of Joe and I! She hears everything we say and watches everything we do, so we have to really be careful. She wants to be just like me, which is very humbling. I call her the 2nd mom of the family, b/c if I yell at Hunter several times to do something, and Hunter still just sits there...Alli Jo will walk over and tell her to do it. And I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but it's just too funny coming from a 4 year old HAHA!

Now here is my oldest beauty. She honestly doesn't even know how beautiful she really is. I don't think I've met a stranger that didn't say how pretty she is...even at work I have customers come in that see her picture and tell me how gorgeous she is. And yes, I'm her mom and think so...but it sure is nice to hear it from others! But you know what's even nicer.....to have a total stranger come up to me at my yard sale and tell me how mature and nice she was to them. Hunter had a lemonade stand set up and was selling cups. A neighbor's cat had wondered over so Hunter took it back to them. When she got back someone asked her for a glass, and she politely told them she needed to wash her hands and she'd be right back to help them =) The man came up to me and told me what a great job I had done raising her....it really made my day!!