Hard at it......

Well like they say, there is no rest for the weary. Life goes on despite the fact I'm beat!!! And so is this little stinker...

Here she is with her daddy's hat...she's such a daddy's girl!
Somebody else is a daddy's girl also!
Seriously, can't I get 1 picture where y'all are serious???
Stella pulling AJ's hair
Guess who started swimming lessons??? Miss AJ! Here are a couple pics from her first class a couple weeks ago. She would not even let go of the teacher! She was terrified! I will have to post some more of now, b/c Tuesday night she swam w/out a noodle and w/out a teacher!! That's my girl!

Last weekend we went over to visit with our dear friends, The Smith's. We always have a good time over there! Miss A and Miss S are only 5 weeks apart, aren't they the cutest!!
Stella doesn't want her to get away LOL
We even got pampered with some paraffin wax treatments

Even the boys.........

This Year Hunter started 4th grade!! I can't believe how fast time goes now that I have 3 kiddos. It seems like it just flies by!
Here she is with her teacher Mrs. Lengacher
At her desk....
Showing me how she can open her locker...
Such a sweetie!

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