Happy anniversary to my man!!

Well it's not exactly our anniversary yet (it's next week). But I couldn't wait to give him his gift, so I gave it to him last night =)

Now I did edit the top of these b/c it had our exact address on it and I didn't wan the entire blog world to find me LOL So That is the black space at the top =)

If you are interested in buying one customized for your loved ones, check out my friend Beth's etsy store!! She is the one who made this for us. I wasn't sure what Joe would think (being a guy) but he LOVED it! He loved how I put thought into all the fun and cool things about us. He sat there forever looking at it =)

Click HERE for Beth's etsy store!


Tera said...

Love it! Such a great idea!! Happy Anniversary!

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

I LOVED this! I will have to talk to Jeff about this. Did you get a 16x20? Oh. I love it. haha Hope all is going well.