Embrace the Camera Thursday

Linking up again today to Emily's blog!! 

It's THURSDAY, you know what that means....
"embrace the camera"!
Get out your cameras and get in front of them.
your kids want pictures of you in them.
so, do them a favor and say CHEESE!!

Click here to see how I got this idea from this inspiring blog:

Me with Stella...I just had 6in. cut off my hair =) 


More Florida Pics

Yes, I have more.......

Vacation Pics from my phone....

So as you can imagine I have TONS of photos from vacation.  Here are a few from my cell phone.....
Day 1 - Hunter getting buried in the sand LOL
 Alli Jo pretending to eat a sand ice cream cone LOL

 Stells soakin up some rays during her nap at the beach
 Anyone see AJ?
 Stells doing her "angry" face the girls taught her

 Burying Keshon (a boy from their class)

Took these cool dudes to see "Hop"
 Me & my manicured feet relaxin'
 The 10 year olds =)

Our vacation house - photo overload

I wanted to post some pictures of the house we stayed in over spring break in FL.  I posted several so that when I do my blog book it will fill up the pages, so bare with me =)  My girls and I would die to just "own" a vacation home like this...Joe on the other hand researched the house across the street and with it's price tag, gently crushed our dream LOL  We stayed with two other families so it was very reasonable for the week and we are very blessed we had this opportunity!