Just a small request for some prayers for my voice.....
I'm losing it! I've had a dry cough for a few days and
this morning I woke up and I'm losing my voice. Most
of you know I need my voice for work, lol I do phone
support....so I kind of need it. Ha ha! Anyways if you
have a few seconds just pray it comes back quick!!!


Thank you Lord!

I just want to thank my Lord and Savior for keeping me
safe today! I have been so blessed to have never had a
wreck before, until today.

I was coming back from lunch and it had started to sleet
really bad....I was driving EXTRA slow coming over some
rail road tracks and then my tail end spun out from me
and I did a complete 360 and ended up in the opposite lane
facing the opposite direction in a ditch!!!

I have never been so scared in my life! Even though it
was a small wreck it was so loud when I hit the ditch...
I thought it was going to flip over!

My neck & shoulders are sore....I probably tensed up a
bit......I can't even remember everything that happened
b/c it all happened so fast! It could have been MUCH
worse, and I thank God it wasn't! I am also thankful the
girls were not with me!!

God was keeping me safe that's for sure!!!!

The LORD is my strength and my song;
He has become my salvation.
He is my God, and I will praise him,
my father's God, and I will exalt him.

Exodus 15:2


Getting to know each other......

Getting to know each other is fun, isn't it? Below are lists of things about me--
50 things I love, and 50 things that bug me.

Leave a comment below with something you love or something
that bugs you--I'll pick a winner and that winner wins a free Digital Photo Frame!
You must leave your real email address so I can hunt you down and find you :)

things i love (in random order)
1 clean bed sheets
2 curling up on the couch with a warm blanket
3 my laptop
4 big family dinners
5 going to the movies
6 a glass of wine, a book, and a big bubble bath
7 grey’s anatomy
8 when something i ordered online shows up and i forgot i had ordered it
9 friends that pick up where we left off
10 my girls
11 my hubby
12 jeans that are fresh out of the dryer and still fit
13 st.louis cardinal games
14 jesus
15 brownies
16 going out to eat
17 canon
18 good hair days
19 my ipod
20 jon & kate plus 8
21 being cozy
22 my new house
23 seeing elderly couples holding hands
24 pampered chef
25 finding $$$ in my pocket, old purse, drawer, or shelf
26 date nights
27 ebay
28 having tons of food in my fridge
29 taking road trips
30 when my girls make me something
31 family game nights
32 roast & potatoes
33 facebook
34 the bible
35 watching the colts play
36 soggy cereal (yes, really)
37 mid-day naps
38 red velvet cake
39 being caught up on my photo editing
40 my mom
41 birthdays
42 shabby chic
43 laughing
44 sweatshirts
45 reality tv
46 candles
47 when I get honest comments about my photography
48 browsing the web
49 relaxing
50 getting a new cell phone

things that bug me

1 fruit
2 fake people/friends
3 when i buy a dvd and can't fast forward through the previews
4 people who drive to close to my bumper
5 when christmas decorations come out before halloween
6 paper cuts, especially in the joints of my fingers
7 dark meat chicken
8 when i check the mail and there are only bills
9 when people speak other languages at the nail salon
10 the free credit repot dot com commercials
11 the commercials that say they will pay off your debt (if you owe people just pay them)
12 being sick
13 the sound of scratching jeans/clothes (UGH) with your nails
14 customers calling our “help” desk, only to act like THEY know it all
15 hypocrites
16 when joe shakes his head at something I say
17 cold days with no snow
18 cigarette smoke
19 snakes
20 people that can’t control their kids in public
21 cheating spouses
22 things that need batteries, but don’t come with them
23 computer viruses
24 the movie crash
25 socks with sandles
26 extra packaging on kids toys
27 irritating people
28 dust
29 marshmallow peeps
30 my children vomiting or anyone else for that matter
31 people who complain about everything
32 people who file a suit on everyone for anything
33 disloyalty
34 people putting their feet on the seat at the movie theatre
35 pregnant women smoking/drinking
36 people who are always late
37 people who make a big deal about passing me on the road -
only to turn off the road within a quarter mile of passing me.
38 dogs/pets that jump on me
39 being stuck in traffic
40 the guys at the gym who slam the weights around, grunt a lot
41 moms & dads that are at the bars every weekend
42 people who call late at night and say “did I wake you?”
43 pants that are too short
44 broccoli
45 pictures that are out of focus
46 public restrooms
47 bad hair days
48 chicago cubs fans
49 bills
50 wal-mart


Christmas - House Display




Just wanted to share a little storyboard for my precious
neighbor Brodie! He is such a sweet baby!! He was born
premature and is such a miracle! You wouldn't even know
he's a premie...he's such a character and has his own lil


My award.......

WOW, I never thought I would get an award for my blog, but I
feel very honored! Thanks Jamie, you’re a sweetheart!!! I
love reading your stories…you always bring a smile to my face,
if I’m not spitting out my drink while reading it haha!!!

Here are the rules to receiving this award:

1. You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous bloggers
in a post.

2. You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions in
the post.

3. You must copy and paste the rules and the instructions
below in the post.

Instructions: On your post of receiving this award, make
sure you include the person that gave you the award and
link it back to them.

I am going to nominate five Fabulous people:


1. Lacy Jeffers – From “The Jeffers Clan” blog……Lacy has
such a kind heart. When I read her blog, she inspires me
to me selfless, and to think of others first! Plus I love
seeing the adorable pictures of Leighton!

2. Ashlye Fisher – From the “Almost Divine” blog….Not only
is it the cutest title ever for a blog (Divine will be her
last name) Ashlye is such a sweetheart! Her love for her
daughter & fiancé Jordan is moving!

3. Courtney – From “the Owens Family” blog…….Courtney is
such a sweet gal! I love reading her updates on the family
and how she shares so many pictures ( I love pictures if you
didn’t already know)

4. Jess – From “The Gingerich Family” Blog………..Jess is such
a great friend, and I enjoy reading her blog. Even though we
can see one another’s houses…..we don’t get to chat as much as
we like….so I love to read her updates!!

5. Aimee from – “Life as a Zobel” blog……Aimee is one of my
newest blogging friends, but we’ve know each other for over
10 years! Aimee will always be like a sister to me!! I can’t
wait to see what her blog brings!!!

OK now my 5 addictions????

1. My number one addiction would have to be taking pictures.
I’m really trying to keep it a hobby and not a “job”. That’s
why I keep a limited amount of sessions/week & month.

2. My kids! I would say that they are number one…..but I know
just like they do, we sometimes need a break from each other lol!
They are my little sugar pies, but can be such stinker butts too!

3. Computers. I guess you can call me a geek (Just ask Kayla)
I love being on my laptop! (Just ask Joe, he’ll roll his eyes,
ha ha) Working in the internet department is to blame for this!
Ask anyone what I would bring with me to a deserted island…they’d
tell you my laptop! Knowing my luck we’d have no internet!

4. Joe! Believe it or not, I cannot get enough of my hubby lately.
I have been so sick, and he has taken care of me like never before!
I am so blessed!

5. Jesus! I really need to be more addicted to him than any of the
above……but it’s something I’m striving for as a sinner in this world.
But I would say I AM addicted to him by far! His love is amazing!
I go through spurts though….sometime I get caught up in all these
silly earthy things, and forget that he brings me so much more
pleasure than any of them!


Looking for a gift idea.................

There's nothing more that I love, than my portraits on
my walls of my two girls. When you look at a photo it
automatically brings you back to that day, that moment!
It is such a precious memory frozen in time! So what better,
than to get your loved ones a portrait session for Christmas!

I'm now selling gift certificates for my photography. If you
would like to purchase a certificate in the amount of a
session fee ($40)or more (would go towards portraits selected),
let me know! Please note these can be used to purchase portraits
for those that have already had a session with me, but wished
they could have ordered more!

My photography sessions will be starting back up in March if
not sooner, once my studio is complete! Don't forget that
Maternity & Newborn sessions are still on-going! These
certificates will be good up until December of 2009!
So don't miss out!!!



I received this email today about the accident @ Antioch......

As some may know already - there was an accident at Antioch
around noon today. A McAlister service truck headed east ran
off the highway and ran into the north east side of the Antioch
building coming into the Rainbow Ark Preschool. Thankfully
the preschool was not in session today with it being Thursday.
A Graber Post Construction crew had been working on putting
a new roof on the old part of the building this week and one of
their construction workers was ran over by the service truck
before it hit the building. His name is Ervin Knepp from
Montgomery. They have taken him by helicopter to Indianapolis.
We are not really sure of his condition at this time only that he
was conscious after the accident. Please pray for Ervin, his family,
and the Graber Post crew as they are all pretty shook up. As bad
as it seems right now we also give praise to God the Father as it
really could have been much worse. Please join with us in prayer
and thanks over the events of this day, for God's sovereignty
in all things.


Another year older.......

Today is my birthday! Yippie for me :) One more year closer to 30
LOL Kayla, Craig, Joe, and I celebrated at Mi Pueblo and Craig had
them sing to me - haha! I had to wear the sombrero. I thought
about just wearing it all night....but then changed my mind LOL
After we ate we went to see Four Christmases. OMG, this movie
was so funny. I seriously laughed so hard that I had to excuse
myself to the restroom!!!! haha I just love Vince Vaughn, he made
the movie! If you haven't saw the previews, ck it out.....


My baby girl Alli Jo woke up this morning, and said,
"Happy Bufday Mommy"! How precious! Hunter gave me a card,
but said I have to wait until tonight to get my present LOL
Tonight we are going to eat with my parents at the Gasthof.
It's become a tradition.

Well till the next time...........

Check out these Elves!! Haha

Send your own ElfYourself eCards


Well Thanksgiving break is over and it's time to focus on
Christmas now! I hosted my first Thanksgiving meal at
our new home......and to Joe's surprise I did not burn
anything LOL! He did say my mashed potatoes needed
more "something", but I told him we can't all be 4 star
chefs like him, ha ha! Everyone else seemed to enjoy them,
as I had none left to even dispose of. After lunch, the ladies
ended up playing board games, while the men took naps!

The next morning, I did go shopping.....but I didn't go until
about 6am. Joe and Alli both went with me......Hunter didn't
want to do the shopping thing (don't blame her) so she stayed
with her dad. I went to both Jasper & Washington wal-marts
and pretty much finished the girl's Christmas lists.

Sunday we went to our weekly wal-mart trip and got our
groceries....while we were there we saw someone that looked
a little out of place LOL It was SANTA!!!! Alli Jo wasn't so
sure about him.......but she was not feeling so well either. I
had to bribe Hunter to sit with him, b/c she said she was too
old (boo hoo, my baby is too old for Santa)

After wal-mart we went home to unload groceries, then I
went back to Washington to take Alli to that quick care
clinic. She has been so sick with a sinus-type infection. Let
me tell ya, the trip was not quick for us that day LOL We
were there for 2.5hrs!!!! Not the way you want to spend
your Sunday afternoon! If it weren't for the dr & nurses
being so nice, I'd never go back!

Till the next time...............