Getting to know each other......

Getting to know each other is fun, isn't it? Below are lists of things about me--
50 things I love, and 50 things that bug me.

Leave a comment below with something you love or something
that bugs you--I'll pick a winner and that winner wins a free Digital Photo Frame!
You must leave your real email address so I can hunt you down and find you :)

things i love (in random order)
1 clean bed sheets
2 curling up on the couch with a warm blanket
3 my laptop
4 big family dinners
5 going to the movies
6 a glass of wine, a book, and a big bubble bath
7 grey’s anatomy
8 when something i ordered online shows up and i forgot i had ordered it
9 friends that pick up where we left off
10 my girls
11 my hubby
12 jeans that are fresh out of the dryer and still fit
13 st.louis cardinal games
14 jesus
15 brownies
16 going out to eat
17 canon
18 good hair days
19 my ipod
20 jon & kate plus 8
21 being cozy
22 my new house
23 seeing elderly couples holding hands
24 pampered chef
25 finding $$$ in my pocket, old purse, drawer, or shelf
26 date nights
27 ebay
28 having tons of food in my fridge
29 taking road trips
30 when my girls make me something
31 family game nights
32 roast & potatoes
33 facebook
34 the bible
35 watching the colts play
36 soggy cereal (yes, really)
37 mid-day naps
38 red velvet cake
39 being caught up on my photo editing
40 my mom
41 birthdays
42 shabby chic
43 laughing
44 sweatshirts
45 reality tv
46 candles
47 when I get honest comments about my photography
48 browsing the web
49 relaxing
50 getting a new cell phone

things that bug me

1 fruit
2 fake people/friends
3 when i buy a dvd and can't fast forward through the previews
4 people who drive to close to my bumper
5 when christmas decorations come out before halloween
6 paper cuts, especially in the joints of my fingers
7 dark meat chicken
8 when i check the mail and there are only bills
9 when people speak other languages at the nail salon
10 the free credit repot dot com commercials
11 the commercials that say they will pay off your debt (if you owe people just pay them)
12 being sick
13 the sound of scratching jeans/clothes (UGH) with your nails
14 customers calling our “help” desk, only to act like THEY know it all
15 hypocrites
16 when joe shakes his head at something I say
17 cold days with no snow
18 cigarette smoke
19 snakes
20 people that can’t control their kids in public
21 cheating spouses
22 things that need batteries, but don’t come with them
23 computer viruses
24 the movie crash
25 socks with sandles
26 extra packaging on kids toys
27 irritating people
28 dust
29 marshmallow peeps
30 my children vomiting or anyone else for that matter
31 people who complain about everything
32 people who file a suit on everyone for anything
33 disloyalty
34 people putting their feet on the seat at the movie theatre
35 pregnant women smoking/drinking
36 people who are always late
37 people who make a big deal about passing me on the road -
only to turn off the road within a quarter mile of passing me.
38 dogs/pets that jump on me
39 being stuck in traffic
40 the guys at the gym who slam the weights around, grunt a lot
41 moms & dads that are at the bars every weekend
42 people who call late at night and say “did I wake you?”
43 pants that are too short
44 broccoli
45 pictures that are out of focus
46 public restrooms
47 bad hair days
48 chicago cubs fans
49 bills
50 wal-mart


Anonymous said...

I love your #23 on your I love list, and agree with #8 on your list of things that bug you:) I love saturday nights at home with my daughter and Jordan, and something that bothers me is people who judge me and talk about me when they claim to christians but are nice to my face.

The Gingerich Family said...

What I like: Wrapping my COLD feet around Matt's feet (he might not like it, but I do)and falling asleep like that.
Things that bug me: Is something that I do to myself...I am very self-conscience...I sometimes think when people whisper they are talking about me or when no one says anything to me, then I think they don't like me. This is something I am definely trying to work on.

Abbie Lynn said...

LOVE: Watching my little boy's eyes light up the first time we switched on the twinkling Christmas lights on the tree...
BUGS ME: Going Christmas shopping and people being rude and grumpy - I think they forget what the Christmas season is really about!!

What a cute idea, Leah:) Thanks!!

Aimee Zobel said...

Lol, I was just telling Keith the other day about how much I hate the free credit report commercials! They are so annoying!

LOVE: Watching my Daddy play with Austin is my most favorite thing to do. He'll be seventy in a year and in the back of my mind I always worry about him being around to see Austin grow up, so I love seeing the time that they have together! Austin is definitely Papaw's boy!

HATE: I hate it when you walk up on a conversation and people are laughing and you ask what they are laughing about and they say, "Nothing," or "You wouldn't understand," or something like that. They may not even be talking about me, but I wanna hear what they were laughing about!!! LOL!!!


Jamie said...

Love: I love reading blogs, whether it's about people's daily lives, funny kids stories, how much their family means to them or seeing how God is changing lives in the people that I know. It's all a blessing.

Hate: I hate it when my girls can't get along. It just breaks my heart to see their feelings get hurt by their best friend.


Brenda said...

I love when my boys cuddle in a chair and watch a show together or give each other hugs and say 'I love you.'

It bugs me when they turn on each other 10 seconds later and push/pull/kick each other!

But I'm also with you on the paper cuts in joints! We wrapped gifts last night and I have about 3 new ones!!

Anonymous said...

cute idea! I hopped on your blog from Shannon C's.

things I love- snuggling with my 7 year old and singing to him when he asks {not as often as I would like though}

things that bug me- when people say they have no time to call you--and they have a desk job! ???


Anonymous said...

I love when I see that my two oldest children are in relationships that make them happy.

Something that REALLY bugs me is when I see small children sitting on someones lap in a vehicle. They should ALWAYS be in a car seat.!!!!!!!!!!