Well Thanksgiving break is over and it's time to focus on
Christmas now! I hosted my first Thanksgiving meal at
our new home......and to Joe's surprise I did not burn
anything LOL! He did say my mashed potatoes needed
more "something", but I told him we can't all be 4 star
chefs like him, ha ha! Everyone else seemed to enjoy them,
as I had none left to even dispose of. After lunch, the ladies
ended up playing board games, while the men took naps!

The next morning, I did go shopping.....but I didn't go until
about 6am. Joe and Alli both went with me......Hunter didn't
want to do the shopping thing (don't blame her) so she stayed
with her dad. I went to both Jasper & Washington wal-marts
and pretty much finished the girl's Christmas lists.

Sunday we went to our weekly wal-mart trip and got our
groceries....while we were there we saw someone that looked
a little out of place LOL It was SANTA!!!! Alli Jo wasn't so
sure about him.......but she was not feeling so well either. I
had to bribe Hunter to sit with him, b/c she said she was too
old (boo hoo, my baby is too old for Santa)

After wal-mart we went home to unload groceries, then I
went back to Washington to take Alli to that quick care
clinic. She has been so sick with a sinus-type infection. Let
me tell ya, the trip was not quick for us that day LOL We
were there for 2.5hrs!!!! Not the way you want to spend
your Sunday afternoon! If it weren't for the dr & nurses
being so nice, I'd never go back!

Till the next time...............


Jamie said...

we went to walmart sunday afternoon too. Got there about 215and the lady at the door told my kids that santa was there! They were almost in tears until we got to the back....and he had left for the day. That crazy woman at the front! Doesn't she know not to tell kids something like that if she is not 100% sure! Momma was hot! Of course, they were mad at me bcause I didn't push the cart fast enough. I paid for it all day

Chelsa said...

you're a lot more brave than i am! i don't think i could do thanksgiving dinner... my mil is way too good of a cook for me to ever try and compete!