Weekend Over! Wew

Well our weekend didn't start out too well.....Hunter was
sick from school on Friday. She had a dr. appt at 1:45, but
we didn't get in until 2:45. Then we waited for about another
45 minutes once we were in. It was horrible! We thought we
had a good shot of getting in first b/c we were the first in the
waiting room. Can you imagine what I was thinking while I sat
there and watched people go in front of us for over an hour!!!


We thought Hunter might have pink eye, but turned out to be a
really bad sinus infection. Since her ducts aren't closed yet, she had
very similar symptoms to pink eye. She got an antibiotic and we
finally were on our way home.

So Saturday Hunter had gymnastics down in Jasper. She is
getting sooooo good! She can do a back handspring with help!
I am so proud of her! She has come so far since she's been there!
After gymnastics I went to take some photos of Hunter's Aunt
Aimee & her family. Let me tell you it was FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!
But we survived! Here are a few shots from that day.......

Aimee is due with her 2nd baby next spring

Her handsome lil guy, Austin

So Friday night Hunter was supposed to have Olivia her BFF
spend the night, well that night was out of the picture b/c she
was still a lil sick. I told her if she felt better Sat she could have
her over. So Saturday night came, and Hunter's eyes were
cleared up and she felt much better. Olivia came over to stay
the night. She is such a sweet lil girl! So pretty too :) They were
on their best behavior. I took a lil snap shot of them getting
ready to crash.

In the middle of the night Saturday I got really sick. I thought
I either had the flu or food poisoning. Joe thought I was nuts b/c
I ended up stripping down my clothes and turning on the fan
(it was 20 degrees outside)! But I felt so hot!! I started feeling
worse once the morning came. Joe ended up taking Olivia home.
I had 3 shoots scheduled that day and had to cancel, I felt horrible!
I was glad it was close friends, b/c they were all so understanding.

I am so ready for this flu season to be behind us!!!!!!
Today I'm feeling a lot better, wew!

Till the next time........


Jamie said...

Leah - Emma has the same sinus thing going on right now. I also thought she had pink eye. I haven't taken her to the doc yet but maybe I need to now!

Aimee Zobel said...

I love love love the pictures! You did such an awesome job, thank you so much! They will be great Christmas presents, especially for Keith's family!

Ashlye said...

I'm glad you guys are feeling better! The flu has been going around town...bad! I haven't had it yet...knock on wood. The pics were also very good! Cute family!

Chelsa said...

glad you are feeling better :)
hunter's bedding is so cute!