Fall in love with the Jeffers

So I had a session this past Saturday with my good
friend Lacy. I am so blessed that Lacy has remained
in my life. She was actually a couple years younger
than me in high school (my sister's class), but we've
kept in touch through email and text messages (kind
of nice you can do that these days). Lacy is around
9 weeks pregnant and I am so happy for her & her family!

So hence my title "Fall in love with the Jeffers"
How can you not love this family???

LJ was not having it, when they first arrived. I don't
blame the little guy...it was on 50 degrees outside!!!!
After a few moments throwing leaves on mommy and
daddy....he was cute as a button!!! We had a blast!


Lauren said...



The Jeffers Clan said...

Leah, You did an amazing job! Josh and I love them. Leighton even laughs too when he sees them. I've got nothing but wonderful comments on them. You are a dear friend and anyone that knows you and is a party of your life is truly blessed. I did not know about your heart problems and I will pray for your doctors family, you, and your mother. If you ever need to talk, I'm here. Thanks for everything!
the Jeffers Clan!
Love you