What a night!!!!!!

Well last night started out crazy. We started getting out
some things to see what we wanted to get rid of. The
girls went nuts b/c they had not seen some of this stuff
for over a year! So here I am trying to go through things
and then they both would scatter things everywhere!!

So I was in Hunter's room going through clothes and I
hear Joe ask Alli, "What are you eating?" And I hear
Alli's response, "Medicine". OMG, I flipped!!!! I jumped
up and ran into her room.....Joe found a bottle of chewable
tylenol open and the cotton spread all over the place. Joe's
asking her how many she ate.....while I'm yelling at him
that SHE CAN'T COUNT!!! So I call my mom to see how
many pills she has given the girls since she bought it the
night before. She told me, then I started subtracting that
number plus the number left in the bottle from what was
originally in there. I figured up she chewed 10-12!!

I started to freak a little b/c I wasn't sure what to do. I am
usually pretty good about panic-type situations, but not
last night. I called her on-call pediatrician, and she was not
available, so I asked to talk to the ER. They gave me the
poison control number to call. I called there, and spoke with
a really nice lady. She asked me the main ingredient in the
medicine, and how many mgs, etc. She told me Alli Jo was
going to be fine b/c the amount she took was not toxic. She
said she would be really sleepy tonight, and to make sure
she did not take any more Tylenol until after 48 hrs.

So she was right, Alli Jo was so tired! I actually had to wake
her up this morning!!! I kept checking on her in the middle
of the night to make sure she was breathing...and she was
just fine. But boy did that stinker scare us!!!

Till next time..........


Jamie said...

Tylenol is a scary thing...we've all been there with something or other. My friend's little girl took a whole bottle of liquid tylenol...called and we figured up mgs/etc. Ended up being ok, but is soooo scary. They are just too smart for their own good sometimes.

The Gingerich Family said...

Oh, goodness. I am glad that she is okay...I took a whole thing of Baby Tylenol when I was about Alli Jo's age...My mom took me to the neighbor's to drink that stuff that makes you throw up. I was fine after that.

Chelsa said...

You poor thing! I would of flipped too! One time Brycen ate one of those packets out of a shoe box that says DO NOT EAT. We called the poison control and they were SOOO nice! I felt like a terrible mommy, even though they said it wasn't going to hurt him at all! I was still terrified! Then my mom told me I had done the SAME thing when I was that age! Made me feel a little better, that it happens to everyone!

Susie said...

I'm sure that was scarry...I've had to call poison control more than once...Griffin drank cleaning solution for pierced ears that the girls had poured in a cup to dip their q-tips in that was when he was like 18 months...And he also downed like 20 vitamin C's when he was 2...that took care of his runny nose...but ended up with runny diapers eewww! Just know even though we try to act like super moms all the time.."momma said there would be days like this". PTL Ali Joe is just fine!

Aimee Zobel said...

Thank goodness she's okay! I think you did a great job keeping your cool, you stayed calm and called your doc. I probably would have freaked and rushed him to the emergency room without even thinking about calling poison control!

Lisa said...

Oh my gosh!!! How scarey! Thank you Jesus for watching over Ali! The things we moms have to go through! But . . . yup, it's worth it.

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

Oh mY! I can't believe how good you handled this! :) Glad she is doing good.

Leah Robinson said...

Thanks so much ladies for the kind words & stories! I felt so bad last night & this morning that she even got a hold of the bottle in the first place! Sometimes you start to wonder if you're a good mom at all! It's nice to hear encouraging words!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she is ok!!!! What a little stinker:)

Ashley said...

I would have been scared too!! Sounds like you did all the right things to make sure little Alli was okay. I know some places give out magnets that contain numbers for poison control and other things. Not saying this is going to happen again but you never know. It is also good to have in case someone else has a similiar situation. But I really am glad that she is okay!

Tara said...

Thank goodness she is ok. It's amazing what they stick in their mouths! As much as a scare this was - just by sharing your story you're probably going to prevent it from happening to another child or at least teach us all who to call in case of an emergency.