The "one"

Everyone searches for the "one" in their life. The one
to make you giggle, smile, love…. and the one who truly
wins your heart! I have been so blessed to find that
someone, in my husband of three years Joe.

I recently had a casual engagement shoot with my
friend Ashlye and her fiancé' Jordan. Let me tell you
folks, Ashlye has found the "one" for her! I didn't
have to direct these two hardly at all.....they were so
in love and in the moment, it was like watching a
romantic movie!! Not to mention they both could be
actors/models....they're so darn good looking!!!


Ashley said...

Those pictures turned out nicely :)

Jamie said...

Really nice pictues...you are quite talented!

Leah Robinson said...

Thanks ladies!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I absolutely love our pics! They're perfect! You did such an awesome job!

Chelsa said...

good idea~ thanks for the suggestion! :) i'm a little nervous b/c i didn't have any swelling that i remember w/ B. but when my water broke i got preeclampsia... and i knwo swelling is a sign of that so i'm trying not to freak out, but if you've had it before then you're more likely to have it again in subsequent pregnancies :( uaghh!!

Chelsa said...

yah i know sitting down at my desk all day def. isn't good for the swelling~ my feet are SQUISHY! lol. i thought it would be better this morning after sleeping, but it really is just worse! ughh!