Hump Day

Well it's hump day; we're half way there lol

It seems like the weeks are just coming and going so
quick lately! I don't have too much going on this week.
I must say being in the new house has it's advantages
and disadvantages! I love having a house that's "ours".
We are so blessed that we have been able to build our
own home. I cannot thank God enough for what He
has given us! But, man...it's a lot of cleaning!! Ha ha!
The sad thing is we only have the main level done now.
I can't imagine what it's going to be like once the upstairs
and the basement is done!! It seems like I'm am
constantly picking something up or sweeping or wiping
of the counter! UGH!!!! But I wouldn't change anything
for the world!

Here are a few pics of the kitchen now that it's DONE!

Oh and the other night Joe was supposed to go
check on Alli. Well he never came back to the
bedroom, so I went to check on him and Alli and
this is what I found......

And yes, he DID break her bed LOL! But I guess it's good he
knows how to fix it :)


Jamie said...

Your kitchen is beautiful. I know what you mean. I even have help with my house and still constantly wipe, sweep, pick up, etc. Wouldn't it b nice if everyone could pick up after themselves!
P.S. Does Joe know you posted those pictures?? Cute.

Leah Robinson said...

Thank you Jamie! I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes through that :) Joe has been doing pretty good at picking up (I was surprised) but the girls are not so good! And shhhhhhh, Joe doesn't know about the pictures....he just recently found out I even had a blog. LOL I still don't think he knows what that means though hahaha!!!

Brittany said...

I love the new kitchen!! It's beautiful! SO cute of Alli and Joe!

Jamie said...

Love the pics of your new kitchen. BTW, in those pics Joe looks just like his dad! :)

The Jeffers Clan said...

First...the pics of Joe and Alli are so adorable. How precious to walk in and find that. Second...your kitchen is absolutely beautiful. It reminds me a lot of mine (only mine is half that size:) Dark cabinets and I'm pretty sure our hardware is the same if not pretty close. Must mean we have good taste...lol

Desiree' Knepp said...

That is sooo cute! I find Jeffrey & Dru like that all the time, and Dru has that exact same bed but in pine. Then Jeffrey always complains how bad his back hurts lol..prolly cuz the bed isn't fit for daddys! :-)

Kayla said...

The kitchen looks great!!! I may need another tour!!! The pictures of Joe and Alli Jo are just priceless!!!

Ashley said...

Yay! Your kitchen is done and it looks beautiful. I also love the pic of Joe and Alli. That is soo cute...it's those little moments that are worthwhile.