A decade later!

So it's been very busy lately....Hunter turned 10!!!!! I can't believe I have a 10 year old!! Here is a slideshow from our celebration along with a few pics!

Here is just a few sample of the fun we had in the photo booth LOL It was hilarious!!

Here are a few more pictures I snapped of Stells...geez I still cannot believe how fast 6months flew by!! I borrowed this SICK chair from Tonya...it was perfect!! I love the last one cuz you can see her two teefers =)


New Page + New Contest = More fans for Dalton!!

Check out my new facebook FAN PAGE for my photography!

I'm having my first contest in hopes that Dalton's Page will get more fans =)


Dalton Royal

How many of you have Facebook? Pretty much everyone I know!

How many of you play the silly games to make time go by? I know I do!

How many of you take time out of your day to pray? I sure could do it a lot more!!

Here is the FB page for a young boy named Dalton Royal. Dalton is battling a deadly rare disease. They have created a Facebook page for him so that they can update about his progress and so that Dalton can see all the encouraging words! Their goal today is to reach 700 fans...they have already done that....but wouldn't it be awesome for him to reach 800 today!!! Think about when you were a child, 800 is a BIG number! I can just see the smile on his face knowing that 800 people are praying and thinking of him every day!

It only takes a second to click on the LIKE button on his fan page. Please take that time to send up a prayer for this little guy! I know many of you can put yourself in his mother's shoes and would do anything to put a smile on his face today!

CLICK HERE to LIKE his page =)



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Happy 1/2 birthday Stella!

How did it happen? How did 1/2 a year go by so quickly? I have no idea! All I know is my baby girl is growing up! She now is sitting up, trying to crawl, and holding her bottle all by herself! It is time to baby proof the house and make way for another lil terror in the Robinson household! I had to snap a few quick photos of the lil Diva on her big day....another shoot is yet to come!


Angels are rejoicing......

Hunter made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as her savior and get baptized!! I must say this has been the happiest day of my life!! It brings tears to my eyes just looking at the photos! All those worries a mother goes through...wondering if you're raising her the way God wants us to....they all were put aside the minute she asked me if she could get baptized!! I knew right then I have done my job that God has given me =)

I knew Hunter had been touched by God's love after she got back from church camp. It's funny b/c that is the same camp, and the same time I had decided to let Jesus into my heart. What's even awesomer (if that's a word) haha is that her song at camp was ONE WAY, and that was my song on my Walk to Emmaus!! God is good!!

Here are some pics from the BEST DAY EVER!!!

Love this pic!!

The family
Hunter's dad Bobby and Aunt Courtney
Joe and I with Hunter
Grandma Nita and Papaw Sugar Bear
Our BEAUTIFUL sweetie!!