I received this email today about the accident @ Antioch......

As some may know already - there was an accident at Antioch
around noon today. A McAlister service truck headed east ran
off the highway and ran into the north east side of the Antioch
building coming into the Rainbow Ark Preschool. Thankfully
the preschool was not in session today with it being Thursday.
A Graber Post Construction crew had been working on putting
a new roof on the old part of the building this week and one of
their construction workers was ran over by the service truck
before it hit the building. His name is Ervin Knepp from
Montgomery. They have taken him by helicopter to Indianapolis.
We are not really sure of his condition at this time only that he
was conscious after the accident. Please pray for Ervin, his family,
and the Graber Post crew as they are all pretty shook up. As bad
as it seems right now we also give praise to God the Father as it
really could have been much worse. Please join with us in prayer
and thanks over the events of this day, for God's sovereignty
in all things.


Ashley said...

Wow...I hadn't heard anything about that...Thank God those little ones weren't there! I'm definitely praying for him and the crew!

Jamie said...

OMG! Ava went to Rainbow Ark the last 2 yrs...they usually had 3 and 4 yr old afternoon/morning preschool on thursdays! Thank God...I'm not sure who Ervin Knepp is...I'll have to investigate.