Pregnancy - Day 126

Today I'm 126 days (18 weeks) pregnant!
Time seems to be still going pretty quick! I know it's
about to slow down as I get towards the end of this pregnancy.
My nausea is slowing down..PTL! I still get nauseous quite often,
but there are more often times I'm not now which is wonderful :)
Of course I am still feeling a lot of stretching inside and out.....
which is great b/c baby is growing!!!
Surprisingly I do not have an increase in my apetite yet.
I am still -1lb from the start (yucky nausea). But I imagine
this is going to change soon when this nausea goes bye-bye!
I don't crave sweets which many people have told me this
means we're having a boy LOL I think it's hilarious :)
I do crave anything HOT or SPICY! YUM!!
I do watch my caffeine intake b/c of my SVT. So it's
mostly water for me to drink...which isn't a bad thing.
My blood pressure is still staying pretty normal too!
I just ordered a belly band online b/c I already feel like I can't
hold my belly up LOL This is sad I know...but I'm going to try
it out and see how I like it!
Next Tuesday I'm going up to Indy to do a "FUN" ultraound with
the girls. They are really excited to see the baby and I think it
will be a great day for us to spend up there!
Here are a few little fun facts about week 18 of a pregnancy:
~We have two more ounces! Your "getting bigger-n-better by
the minute baby" is already up to 7 ounces and 6 inches!
~During pregnancy week 18 your baby is busy building a strong
heart and strong muscles. An ultrasound after 18 weeks pregnant
can usually help detect any structural problems that may exist in
the heart or surrounding organs. Some babies do have congenital
heart defects, though most will be born with no problems at all.
Fortunately if an ultrasound does detect that something is awry
you can take steps to prepare ahead of time to support your
newborn baby after birth.
By 18 weeks pregnant your baby is producing Myelin,
a protective covering that supports the nerves in your baby's
body. Your baby will continue to produce Myelin through the
ninth month. By now your babies genitals are also formed
and can be distinguished using an ultrasound.
Most women will have to wait until roughly their 20th week
of pregnancy however to find out if they are having a boy
or a girl (and that is if the baby is cooperating).


The Gingerich Family said...

Almost half way there. I can't wait to hear about the ultrasound you and girls are going to see.
Hopefully they maybe able to peek down there;)

Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

Aren't our bodies amazing! God is amazing!s

Chelsa said...

my hips are def. already feeling this 3rd child... much quicker than with the first two. i'll never look the same again i'm quite sure! haha.

Jamie said...

Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy. I know sometimes that seems hard with our busy lives and for you nausea, but it will be over before you know it and it won't have seemed that bad! :)

Amy S said...

hope your uckiness stops soon--I hated that...I was in Chicago when I was first pregnant-like weeks into it and when I hear or even think of the C word I feel it all over again!! UGH!!! Sounds like your doing good!!! :) PTL~!

Ashley said...

That nausea just doesn't want to leave:( Glad it is getting better though! Maybe tuesday will be the day you find out if it is a girl or boy!