Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Four

I recently came upon a blog from a local pastor called from the greener side .
I am one who always has believed things happen for a reason.....
If I'm late b/c of traffic, God was protecting me from something....
if I clicked on a blog that I've never read before,
God wanted me to read what was on there! My friend Lauren
is quite fond of this fellow....and he sounds wonderful!
So I read this POST . WOW, it really touched me! That's a lot of
people that don't attend church! What's scary is that my family
includes 4 of them :( We haven't been to church in a few months.
There are several "excuses" or reasons we could blame for why....
but I don't think anyone really wants to hear them.
We attended a few local churches and had a great time!
There really wasn't anything wrong with the
churches we attended, infact I plan to go back!
It's just the scary parts of finding a "new" church.
Will we fit in?
Will people wonder why we're here?
Will I mess up and do something wrong?
Will the kids like it?
All these things run through my head. But what I need to just
realize is that I'm not there for the people, I'm there for Him!
That's much easier said than done, trust me!
Here's PART 2 from the
"Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty Four" post.
We all need to step out of our comfort zone and
share the love of Jesus Christ.
Like Seth says,
"If we are going to reach the 4734 in our community,
we are going to have to make the investments in them.
We are going to have to hang out with people we would
never hang out with before. We are going to have to go above
and beyond. We are going to have to love “Betty” as if she
were our daughter, sister, mother, and friend. Because we know that
the only way for Betty to truly break cycle that she is in,
is Jesus Christ."


Seth said...

Thanks for the shout out. I hope that you find the right church for you! I will be praying that God sends you someplace where you can serve HIM!

Tera said...

Hi! We'd love to have you at Providence! I'm sure the girls would fit right in too!

Ashley said...

I agree with Tera. I think you should try Providence again:) I remember when Jarod and I were looking for a church...it always feels a little different at the begining. But after attending Providence a few times we just knew. I do wish my work schedule was different so I could go to church every sunday:( Maybe we will se you!! I hope you find the perfect church for you and your family.

Leah Robinson said...

Thanks girls! You are too sweet!

Greta said...

Maybe I'm a bit biased but I'd have to agree with Tera & Ashley...Providence would be blessed to have you guys!!

Also, the girls would probably enjoy the AWANA program on Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15...it starts Sept 9.

Anonymous said...

I am adding my invite to that of Tera, Ashley and Greta. We would love to have you come to Providence. The Sunday School and Wednesday Night AWANA programs are great (Maggie loves them). I know your kids would quickly feel included.

Hope to see you soon,

Chelsa said...

I know how it feels to feel "new" at church! When we switched to Berea last year I was terrified... like honestly had a full blown panic attack on the way there! it was the devil trying to get to me, i just know it! But now we love it and fit right in (or so we think, lol!).

Where ever you go, go for Him! :)