It's a..................

LOL The little stinker had its legs crossed this time haha!
That's just our luck :) But great news is baby looks wonderful!
That's all we truly want is a nice healthy baby!
Nice heart beat of around 140 something.
My BP is still doing good, I think this time it was 135/87. I am still -1lb
from my first appt, so its not too bad. I think with Alli Jo by this time
I'd gained 20lbs haha
So four more weeks and I'll go back in for a more detailed ultrasound/appt.
Maybe peanut will be ready to show us who he/she is :)

Here's a sneak peak at the little rebel now


Chelsa said...

aww man!!! going to be a stubborn one! glad everything is looking good though! :) that is truely all that matters- you're right about that!

Amy S said...

AWWWW!!! So happy for you!!! Bet your excited!!! HEALTHY is all that matters - Amen to that!

Lauren said...

Yay baby!

Courtney, Jeff, & Ayla said...

baby is modest!