The other day after the girls found out about being big sisters.....
we decided to go and celebrate.
We went to eat at Bucktail Lodge and then went to play some put-put golf.
I think Alli Jo had been last year, but she didn't remember......
and let me tell you it was quite entertaining!
Hunter loves any competitive sport, but doesn't like losing (we are working on that).

Here's Hunter showing us how to hit a hole-in-one (she hit two that day)!
Alli Jo trying to get her form right
Joe showing us how the Pro's do it
Alli, cheating just a little bit
One of the funniest times.....Alli hitting her ball in the
water so that she can run and try to beat it to the hole hahaha!!!


Aimee Zobel said...

She doesn't like to lose? That must be the Emmons in her!!!

Chelsa said...

fun pictures!

i think hunter is taller than me! lol

Amy S said...

cute- such great times with family!!

Jamie said...

That last photo of Alli Jo running to beat her ball is absolutely priceless.

Ashley said...

Jarod is just like Hunter. Competetive! Or when he wants to be. He hates when I beat him in something...which doesn't happen to often. haha. Oh and Alli Jo is so funny!

Leah Robinson said...

Aimee....have you every played a sport with me? Ask your brother, hahaha!!! Or Joe...he won't play with me anymore!