I just wanted to thank everyone for all the sweet comments! Our family is so blessed to know each and every one of you! I couldn’t think of a better time to bring another Robinson baby into this world than now! And believe it or not I love hearing everyone’s comments about us having a 3rd child, whether it’s good or bad. One of the SWEETEST, most touching comments I received from a good friend was, “What a lucky baby!!”. Wow, how humbling that statement made me feel. I never really look at my life as my children being lucky to have me as their mother. I guess I just always look at how blessed my family makes me feel! So to hear an outsider’s view of me as a mom was really nice!
I’ve had a lot of people ask me questions. And I’ve never really been shy before, so I’ll share some of those. Many have asked if we were trying for another one. I think it’s a common question asked when someone announces pregnancy, and I don’t mind answering. I feel as though I started this blog to not only record my life and show how God has blessed it, but to help others that read about my story.
Joe and I have been trying for quite some time actually. I think it’s going on a year. I don’t know necessarily if we were doing everything possible that entire year, but we’ve been ready for over a year to have an addition to our family. With Alli, we didn’t have any issues. We decided when we got married in Sept of 2005, that if it happened…it happened and we’d let God decide when. Well…..I got pregnant in October!! LOL So what an interesting first year of marriage that made haha!
This time it was a little different. I had been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Basically my main symptom was that I wasn’t ovulating. So that being said, I knew it was going to be difficult to conceive this time around. My OB/GYN decided to try some Clomid, to induce ovulation. We tried 3 cycles. In my case it did not work. During those three months working with my OB, I would start the Clomid on day 3 of my cycle and then I would go into his office on day 12 to check for ovarian follicles . The follicle needed to be mature enough, or he could tell I was not going to be ovulating. Each time I would have several small follicles, but no BIG one that would indicate ovulation. (Now remember I’m not a Dr so my wording and medical terminology may be incorrect).
So in January I started seeing a fertility specialist. His plan was to start me on some follistim injections. With these treatments the cycles are every-other month. So for example I had a cycle of the injections in February, and it didn’t work. So we skipped the next month and had no medication. And then went to April, which was my 2nd cycle of the injections. And I got pregnant! This is sort of what my schedule looked like:
April 20th - Femara (Twice/day)
April 21st - Femara (Twice/day)
April 22nd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 23rd - Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 24th -Femara & Follistim 125 units
April 25th -Follistim 125 units
April 26th - Follistim 125 units
April 27th -Follistim 125 units
April 28th - Follistim 125 units
April 29th - Follistim 125 units
April 30th - NOTHING
May 1st - HCG injection

I got really sick with the 2nd round of injections. I think my hormones were just going nuts! I got a horrible migraine for four days (you probably remember me writing about it) and I was getting my heart palpitations again. Well that all went away after that week, thank God! I honestly don’t know if I could have done another round of treatments if we had to.
Saturday, May 16th was when I was due for a visit from AF. Well I thought what the heck.....so I took one of the pregnancy tests I had left from last time.....and it was POSITIVE! I almost didn't believe it!! So the next day I went to CVS and got another test and it said POSITIVE! I still didn’t believe it......so the next morning I took another one (yes I am crazy) and it indeed said POSITIVE!! I cannot even describe how excited, but scared I was. I think b/c we had been trying for so long, it just doesn’t seem real.
I had my first nurse’s appt on June 4th. That’s when I got to see my little miracle. I cannot believe I could already see the heart beating……it truly shows you how much of a TRUE miracle a baby is from CONCEPTION! I mean how else can something be only 5/8 of an inch big and have a heartbeat!! Truly miraculous! Thank you Jesus!
We told our girls about the pregnancy, and the both were very excited! Alli Jo has asked a million questions already. Where is the baby? Let me see the baby! Why can’t I see the baby? Where does the baby come out? Why is the baby in your stomach?
Every day she cracks me up even more. She told me yesterday that she needed to see the baby now! I told her that the baby isn’t ready to come out that we have to wait until it’s ready and then go to the hospital. 10 minutes later….she then informed me it was time to go to the hospital and have the baby LOL!!
Well I’m sure I’ll have more questions and answers as well as some humor to this pregnancy soon!
Until the next time……


The Gingerich Family said...

Thanks for bringing us into you and your families lives. My sister has the samething and it took her and her husband over a year to get pregnant, too. Now they have a wonderful almost 2 year old.
If you need anything from sugar :) or need to chat, we are only a few steps away or phone call away.

Luv ya girl.


Gina said...

Wow! Your story sounds so familiar. I also have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I NEVER ovulated on my own. I also had three months of Clomid to get pregnant with Caleb...but boy is it worth it!! I then went into labor at 4 months which had nothing to do with PCOS, just luck of the drawl. But....my 3 months of total bedrest at I.U. Med Center to carry Caleb until 7 months (he came 2 months early) was all part of God's big plan. Had I had an "easy" pregnancy with Caleb, we NEVER would have adopted Olivia. I think my awful pregnancy with Caleb was God's way of having Olivia and I find each other from half-way across the world. God makes no mistakes.....

Suheski Family said...

Thank you for your story...Thank You God for the baby you will bless them with.

Amber said...

Congrats! I have PCOS also, Makenna is my Femara baby and Matthew is we are taking a break because we can't afford the injections surprise! Hope you have a great pregnancy!

Amy S said...

Awe what a neat story!!! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!!! Babies are awesome!!

Good luck with it all you deserve it!!!

Amy S said...

PS love Ali Jo ??S they make me laugh---- it should be interesting!!

Ashley said...

I had no idea but thanks so much for sharing your story!!! There are so many miracles and sometimes it just takes time. I will be praying for you and your family during this pregnancy. He/she is going to have great sisters and parents:)

Brittany said...

I love the innocence of a child :) So glad you made it through all the medicines and get to now enjoy the rewards from all your "not so fun" time.

Jamie said...

Congratulations on your growing family. Now I know why you were so interested in the BOB. :) You were planning ahead for baby #3. Kyle and I wish you a healthy pregnancy. God bless.

Chelsa said...

those months of "trying" aren't much. i'm so happy it finally happened for you!

Tera said...

Leah- you did a great job of explaining it. ;) As someone else who has dealt with infertility, I think it's great that we can share our struggles together.