Day 35

WOW 5 weeks already!
Last Wednesday Miss thing turned 5 weeks old!!
As if I didn't need to bring out my camera before....Stella
reached a BIG milestone and started to smile and coo
for REAL!
The more I talked to her the more the smiles came =)
It just melts my heart to look down and see her toothless
grin, grinning from ear to ear! I can be sleep-deprived to
the fullest and seeing her smile at me just makes it all
worth it!
Stella is still nursing every 3-4 hours. In the middle of the
night it's 3 hrs on the DOT! It's like she has a little alarm
clock going off! I'm looking forward to the long stretches
between feedings =)
We have been enjoying all of our days home together!
Hunter has been at school durning the week, but Alli Jo,
Stella and I have have been having a blast. If we're not
doing photo shoots (haha) we are reading or listening to music,
and recently "school" with Alli Jo. I have started to teach her
how to write her letters. She can already write her name, CAT,
and MOM. Along with the letters A,B,C,D,E so far =) It's so
amazing how fast she learns!
I will leave you with a few pics of Alli Jo...that is if you even
recognize her LOL


Chelsa said...

i can't believe she is 5 weeks already! c will be 2 wks on tues. and i'm dreading it b/c it seems like time is flying by too fast!!

love the pics of alli jo! and stella's shirt is precious!

Brandi said...

those pics are great! let me know when you're back in the photography business.... we may need to schedule a photoshoot like that! LOVE it!

Abby said...

precious pictures leah! such a doll

Susie said...

She looks like Shirley Temple! Love all those curls! What a little honey!