42 Days

I am a week behind in blogging, but Miss Stella
turned 6 weeks last week =( Can you believe it??
1 1/2 mos already!!!
Miss thing continues to smile her little toothless
grin daily! I love it!!

No other big milestones for Stella this week, but
mommy finally got her announcements sent out!
Also this month mommy is returning to photography
again! So if you're wanting to book something,
let me know....I'm booking up fast!
I returm to my full time job April 1st =(


The Gingerich Family said...

I can't believe she is already 6 weeks old. We need to come by and see you guys.

Brandi said...

Leah, I would like to book.... i would love to do Adara's pics and a few of the girls together?? Do you do Thursday's at all... that would be the best day for us. Just let me know.... we can make anytime work I think. Thanks.

Susie said...

I Love those little thighs..we call those little Dairy Queen thighs! LOL...makes you just want to squeeze her. My kids all had them and they are string beans now. Glad you and joe got to go on a date...very important to make sure daddy knows he's not forgotten! And give Mommy a break! LOL!