49 days

I forgot to post another milestone for Miss
Stella --her first bottle!! Given by daddy
on Feb 14, 2010 =) She did great! We
had to practice b/c mommy and daddy went
on a date, hee hee!
One of her big smiles caught with my cell phone

Having a girls day...getting a mani and a pedi

Goodness, these days are just passing by faster and
faster each week! Stella Bell (that's her nickname)
is now 7 weeks old!!
Friday she had her 2mo doctor well visit.
She did very well!
She is now 11lbs 5oz and 22.5 in long
(at birth she was 6lbs 12oz 19.5in long)
I was a little worried that she may be "too big"
but doctor says not to ever worry when she is
on breast milk....when they're on solid food it's
more of a concern. She said some babies are
just little porkers (my words LOL).

So she has another nickname --Chunky Monkey =)
Check out my thighs!!


Audrey said...

She's adorable! And don't worry, Nataya is a chunky monkey too! She weighed over 12 lbs. at her two month check-up! She weighs almost 15 now! We'll have to have you over for a play date before you go back to work!

Chelsa said...

love her chubby legs :) she is such a doll!

i was curious about how much C might weigh now since he hasn't been weighed since he was 2 wks. and he'll be 1 mo. tomorrow. so i weighed myself and then weighed him with me and he weighed 8lbs 8oz!! (he was 6lbs 9oz at his 2 wk ck up!). he is def. growing! i'm going to try and measure him today too!

Dusting Off The Mantel said...

Love the pictures! She's absoutely adorable.