21 days

So time definitely isn’t slowing down and my baby
is now 21 days old =(

I have enjoyed every second, minute, hour, and day
with this sweet angel. Just when you think your life
can’t get any better, God sends you a princess like
Stella =)

We’re still not on a set schedule and it doesn’t really
bother me, surprisingly. Those of you that know me
well, know that I am a planner and have to have things
go the way I want plan, or all heck breaks loose. But
for some reason Stella has allowed me to “let go” and
just let things happen. I don’t mind one bit that me,
Alli, and Stella just hang around in our PJs all day long!
In fact, Alli can’t stand to be in anything now except her
night gown or jamies! This would be the life, let me
tell ya!

The girls are still in awe and adore their baby sister.
Everyone in the house has to beg mommy to hold her b/c
I don’t let go of her often =)

Stella has a bit of acid reflux. So I don’t lay her down
flat or by herself often. She is always within sight. I
noticed “something” wrong the night we brought her
home from the hospital….she was regurgitating and
repeatedly swallowing after she ate, so it makes me
really nervous to leave her alone. I just purchased a ring
sling online and I can’t wait to get it! That way I can
keep her close and still go on with my every day chores

and life! I even got a child sling for Alli Jo to wear….so I
will have to post pics when they come in the mail.

Other than that she is doing great! Such a good baby =)


Courtney, Jeff, Ayla & Leah said...

I was SO sad to not see a new pic of Stella recently! She is just as beautiful as I remember. Glad all is going well. We used our sling alot. Now she's a busy body! ha

Sonya said...

THat is a BEAUTIFUL picture of a BEAUTIFUL baby!!

Tera said...

Glad to hear everything is going well. Love all of the sweet pictures.