2 weeks already =(

Tell me it isn't so, my baby is 2 weeks already =( Goodness where
does the time go??? I seriously couldn't speed time up enough
while preggo, and now the days fly by like crazy!! I just want to
stop time and keep my babies young!!

It's been two weeks, and our lives have changed so much. I
am constantly feeling like I'm forgetting "something" now
that I have 3 kiddos. I'm hoping I don't forget a kiddo somewhere!
I'm slowly (with the help of my wonderful mom) getting to where
I can be a mom and pick up Hunter and Alli Jo from school. It is
not easy getting Stella fed in time to make it to the schools in time!
But I'll get the hang of it soon enough and it will come like 2nd
nature I'm sure.

The girls are still doing WONDERFUL with Stella. I hate to keep
bragging, but it's seriously wonderful! Alli Jo has only shown
jealousy only once during a time a guest was visiting...I can't
blame her for wanting attention.
I still haven't got Stella on a schedule yet....she's a lot harder to
figure out than my older two. Since I'm nursing her, she's eating
every two-three hours. I don't think I ever get into a deep sleep,
but it's ok...she is sooo worth it!
Stella had her 2 week check up on Wednesday and here are
her stats:
Height -19.5 in
Weight - 7.1lbs
Head Circumference - 34 1/4cm
Dr. says she's doing great! The only issue I wanted to
talk to the dr. about was a possible intolerance to milk;
cow's milk that I'm drinking. She seems to get colic-like
symptoms when I drink it. Dr. says it could be an allergy
to cow's milk and just try to cut it out of my diet while
nursing. She said that sometimes formula can have the
cow's milk as well...so try to breast feed as long as I can.

Here are pictures of Miss thing at 1 week and 2 weeks....

I can really tell that she's grown =(

And here are pictures from days 5-14 showing the first
two weeks of her life =)


The Gingerich Family said...

LOVED having you guys over Friday night. We need to this every month or something. Baby Stella is soooo sweet. Really is bringing the Baby Fever on.

Audrey said...

She is just beautiful! These pictures are amazing too!

Susie said...

As if your picture-taking and pictures were not amazing enough...then you go and have a baby and totally out do yourself with these sweet pictures! LOL! Seriously I'm wondering if you just had her to "play" with! I'm totally kidding!!!...How can you not resist taking pictures of her all the time...she's perfect and I LOVE her precious little smile. Look forward to seeing many more pictures of Sweet Stella!